Artist Takes on the Casual Racism of “Yellow Fever” in Eight Images

New York artist Donna Choi wanted to create a “weird, memorable way” to discuss fetishization of Asian women, so she put together a satirical series about ... Read more »

Behind the Scenes: The Gray Issue's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcover

In the pages of our new fall issue, Gray, we celebrate the spectrum of thinking in the gray areas—where complex logic is key to understanding nuanced issues “from science to sports to smut,” as we wrote in our call for pitches. What you see here is the... Read more »

About the Cover: How Designing Bitch's Micro/Macro Cover Affected my Vision, Migraines, and Health

Bitch Art Director Kristin Rogers Brown here! I turned to readers to help choose the elements of our Pulp cover—a cover that we’re pretty sure is part of the reason that issue has already ... Read more »

Douchebag Decree: Charles Saatchi—Adman, Art Patron, Choker

If you only know of Charles Saatchi as the guy who recently choked his famous wife in public, you may be wondering: “Should we have seen this coming? Has Charles Saatchi always been a complete asshat?” The answer is: Kind of! And if you tend to feel that douchiness generally correlates with the... Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Sketches from Our New Micro/Macro Issue

As Bitch hits issue #59 with Micro/Macro, I thought I would shine a light on some of the “micro” behind-the-scenes thought that goes into the eye candy you see in our pages. This post features sketches from illustrator... Read more »

State Investigates Artist Venus DeMars for Not Making Enough Money Off her Art

It's not often that income tax audits make big news, but the mammoth of an audit that's been thrown Venus DeMars andLynette Reini-... Read more »

A Different Kind of Literacy: Art Show "Cliteracy" Hits NYC This Weekend

You'll have to forgive the puns. “Cliteracy,” for one: a knowledge of women's bodies and female sexuality. “Phallusy,” for another: patriarchal misinformation. At Baang + Burne's booth at Scope NYC... Read more »

Artist Statement: Don't call Favianna Rodriguez a political artist.

When I saw images of artist Favianna Rodriguez's “Slut Power” series circulating on Facebook, I was already familiar with her bold silkscreened posters, which often feature people of color tackling subjects as varied as immigration and sustainability. The Slut Power posters, however,... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons: You Deserve Comics That Highlight Women Who Have Made Critical Contributions to Society.

You deserve comics that highlight women who have made critical contributions to society. We all deserve history that comes alive. The best stories, to me, are the ones with weird and sometimes awkward details that we can relate to. Illustration in general also makes... Read more »