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If you actually can’t imagine how someone might feel, is there something wrong with you? Or alternately, is there something wrong with them?

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Bari Weiss has been on a nonstop streak of problematic, alarmist, and victim-blaming columns since she was hired at the New York Times in 2017.

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20 years later, Destiny’s Child is definitively the best girl group of all time.

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Amara Y Mas: Race, Ethnicity, and Afro-Latinx Womanhood

What if we tore down the house that narrows our vision of Latinx identity?

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But really talk about it.

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What the Obamas have built in real life is available to other Black people through cinema.

The Weird and Wild World of Reddit Relationships

It’s not surprising that people turn to the internet for relationship advice.

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Randa Jarrar’s advice on Arab community-building and starting a pussy journal.