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Backtalk: Summer Screen Faves

Self-care and chill.

Popaganda: The Best Things in Life Are Freelance

The idea of ditching the office, the 9 to 5, and the butthead coworkers can be so tempting, but is freelance life all it’s cracked up to be?

Popaganda: Women and Pain

This episode investigates patterns of both healthcare professionals and society at large dismissing, demeaning, and disbelieving women’s pain. 

Backtalk: Racists, Stop Calling The Cops

Peak white anxiety.

Popaganda: What Does Gender Sound Like?

Music interacts with gender in surprising and strange ways: sometimes upholding the binary, sometimes undermining it.

Backtalk: Junot Diaz & MeToo

Can Diaz redeem himself?

Popaganda: Birth of the New

On this episode of Popaganda, we dig into parenting and the end of the world: whether that means a total lifestyle change or global environmental calamity.

Backtalk: Summer Music Fests

This year’s Coachella was a moment.

Popaganda: I Saw the Sign

On this episode of Popaganda, we explore finding yourself in horoscopes, zodiac pie, and how astrology might work alongside social justice.

Backtalk: Nat Geo’s Racism & Spring Break

Finally, it only took 130 years. 

Popaganda: Faking It

Why do we do fake it, and what does it mean when we accuse others of doing it?