Losing Their Flow: A Review of “love and noir”

love and noir has impeccable production, but it’s an atmospheric album without any real breakout tracks. Read more »

New Music Monday: Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm on the Healing Power of Music

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A Requiem For Brooklyn: Gentrification Takes Center Stage In “B(LA)K”

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Backtalk: Accountability of PWR BTTM & Murder of Jordan Edwards

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about what accountability looks like for two recent stories: the sexual assualt allegations against the queer punk band PWR BTTM and the murder of teenager Jordan Edwards at the hands of a police officer. They dig into what it looks like to be held responsible for one... Read more »

Building a Music Legend: A Review of Jesca Hoop's "Memories Are Now"

Jesca Hoop’s penchant for the ephemeral and the innate resonate on Memories Are Now, which is a brave, bold experiment in texture and vocal range. Read more »

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The Navigator: Hurray for the Riff Raff

Hurray for the Riff Raff’s new record, The Navigator, arrives ready to take its place in the American protest-folk canon, as it reshapes the genre around the nation’s changing demographics. Read more »

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