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Bitch Media has been an independent-media presence like no other. Since 1996, we have provided nuanced, thoughtful, and resonant media criticism and have never wavered from our original mission to look at popular culture through a feminist lens—and encourage others to do the same. Over the past 25 years, Bitch’s magazine, website, podcasts, writing fellowships, campus programming, and more...

Knock It Down:: Journalism's Barrier-Breaking Leaders of Color on the Past, Present, and Future of the Whitewashed Industry

Maria Hinojosa, Kevin Merida, and Lauren Williams talk about the future of journalism and the recent changes they've seen in newsroom diversity.

“X” Is a Slasher Film with an Important Message about Sex Work and Pornography

What the golden age of porn shows us is that good sex means breaking rules, not necessarily literal rules or laws that exist in our physical world, but rules or standards governing human conduct, morality, and ethics.

10 Essential Books About Writing

Must-read titles for writers include works by Elena Ferrante, Akwaeke Emezi, Meg Wolitzer, Yoko Ogawa, and more.

Anonymous Instagrams Are Unionizing Staffs From Capitol Hill to Hollywood

Through anonymous Instagram accounts, workers share grievances and build momentum for unionization efforts.

BitchReads: 10 Books Feminists Should Read in April

“Young Mungo,” “The Red Zone,” “Harley Quinn: Reckoning,” and more.