Very Online: Instagram Has a Conversion Therapy Problem

With help from Instagram, they’re able to expand their reach to those vulnerable to their violent teachings.

Backtalk: Toxic Diet Culture Targeting Kids

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about Kurbo, a weight loss app for children.

Family Ties: “Hustlers” Promises Crime, but Delivers Matriarchy

Ramona frames all of her behaviors as acts of love.

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This fall, we’re anticipating movies about women astronauts, another "Charlie’s Angels" reboot, and a thriller all about socioeconomic class.

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Burning Issue: “Embrace of the Serpent“ Sees Capitalist Destruction through Indigenous Eyes

The film subverts a colonialist narrative by presenting the experience of a white man on Amazon land—not through his eyes, but through those of the people he’s exploiting.