In the World of “WandaVision,” It’s Been Grief All Along

WandaVision is ultimately a meditation about grief and the true origins of Wanda’s power.

Unlike “Gilmore Girls,” “Ginny and Georgia” Doesn’t Hide from Sex

“Ginny and Georgia” strikingly faces sex and sexuality head on, especially when held up against its predecessor.

Stripping Point: Nipplegate Exposed Our Deep Fear of Black Women’s Sexuality

Janet Jackson was punished for 9/16 of one second of nudity, while Justin Timberlake rose from her post–Super Bowl ashes.

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The Only Gaze Is Ours: Tracing the Evolution of Black Women’s Stories

Writing about Black people feels limitless. It feels infinite.

What, like It’s Hard?: The Enduring Legacy of “Legally Blonde”

Elle is not only harassed, but also has the harassment weaponized against her.

“Moxie” Isn’t Perfect, but Neither Are New Feminists

“Moxie” is more educational than groundbreaking.