Very Online: Why Are “Euphoria” Viewers So Desperate to Paint Jules as the Villain?

The desperate desire to paint Jules as a villain is thinily veiled transphobia.

Even in Death, Breonna Taylor Is Being Disrespected

 It’s painful to think that a cute internet joke is needed to rile people up after the death of a Black woman.

Not So Ethical: On Media’s Continued Portrayal of Disabled People as Burdens

Article after article promotes the idea that disabled people are a burden.

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Revisiting “Watchmen,” a New Kind of Superhero Epic

In “Watchmen,” as in the real world, the efficacy of law and justice is consistently betrayed by their racist foundations.

“Love, Victor,” Like “Love, Simon,” Stays in the Shallow End

Dubbed “candy for the soul,” “Love, Victor” is exactly that: sweet, sugary, and, unfortunately, missing something.

Cultural Disruptors: City Girls Flip Misguided Stereotypes into Their Superpower

“City on Lock” is their ethos at its finest.