No Good Deeds: “Succession” Rejects the Redemption Arc for Its Ruthless Characters

HBO’s hourlong drama about a Murdoch-inspired family slyly toys with Americans’ impulse to see the good in the worst people.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: What Happens When a Medical GoFundMe Doesn't Go Viral

“You should not have to ask for largesse from the Internet not to drown.”

Backtalk: So Burning Books is Back?

This week, Dahlia and Amy get into the recent campus conflict when white students with hurt feelings thought it’d be a good idea to burn books written by a visiting author.

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Very Online: Gina Rodriguez, Black People Deserve More Than a Notes App Apology

When celebrities want to apologize, their fans deserve more than a half-hearted screenshot from their Notes app.

Housebound: Why the Dollhouse Metaphor Remains So Indelible

The dollhouses of today are not miniature playgrounds that train girls to believe their future paths go no further than their front door.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: California’s Deliberate Blackouts Are the New Normal

California’s blackouts were dangerous—and they’re going to happen again.