May Hong on Bringing a Queer, Asian American Lens to “Tales of the City”

“I was thrilled to see that an Asian American character was specifically written into the show to be a complex and compassionate person [who is] part of a loving chosen family.”

What Just Happened?: Amazon Workers Are on Strike

Amazon’s evolution over the past 20 years has put a spotlight on the human cost of rampant capitalism

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Ending Period Taboo Helped US Women’s Soccer Team Score Success

“With a comprehensive understanding of each player’s cycle, Bruinvels and Scott were able to develop strategies to minimize the performance impact.”

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Needles and Spins: Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Is Dangerously Profitable

Recasting a social contract as an individual choice is at the crux of the movement’s menace.

Bad Mouths: The Long History of Sanitizing Women’s Language

Many of us think of washing someone’s mouth out with soap as an outdated punishment for ill-tempered children, but for a long time it was also commonplace as a corrective for women.

From Lovable Brute to Aggressor: How “Stranger Things” Turned Jim Hopper Into an Abuser

The issue with "Stranger Things" is that its depiction of abuse seems unconscious and uncritical. A series that doesn’t recognize abuse only normalizes it.