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Censor This! Five Art Projects Challenging Social Media Obscenity Rules

Sites like Facebook and Instagram sometimes flag female bodies as offensive. Read more »

Welcome to 2016, When You Can't Afford to Ignore Women in Comics

When no female comics artists were nominated for a major award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, high-profile comics industry professionals pulled out of the event and called for a boycott. Slowly, it seems like the culture of comics is changing for the better.  Read more »

Check Out Subversive New Alphabet Book "P is for Pussy"

The book is steeped in references to feminine power. Read more »

Artist Ebin Lee on Being Black in White Spaces

 In A Wretch Like Me: Sad/Black/Ugly/Queer, released last month by ... Read more »

About the Cover: The Nerds Issue

Our Nerds issue cover was illustrated by Yoswadi Krutklom. See it in more detail here! Read more »

Artist Pamela Z Crafts a Riveting, Avant-Garde Sound

Pamela Z is a mad scientist with her music, creating an compelling mix of sounds and visual art. Read more »

About the Cover: The Blood & Guts Issue

Heart and home, pain and pleasure, animal and identity. I was pretty set on using this particular image from the start. Read more »

"I Had a Miscarriage." A New Line of Cards Aims to Ease Hard Conversations

For when Hallmark just won't cut it, a doctor created illustrated cards expressing empathy for miscarriage.  Read more »

A Museum Exhibition Examines Riot Grrrl’s Impact on Art

Alien She shows that there's much more to riot grrrl than music. Read more »

Behold! A Portrait of Donald Trump Made From Menstrual Blood

Artist Sarah Levy painted Trump's face with blood from right out of her you-know-what.  Read more »