Art & Design

About the Cover: The 20th Anniversary Issue

A behind-the-scenes look at the art featured in our 20th anniversary issue! Read more »

On Tour in the U.S., Pussy Riot Calls for Media Freedom and Prison Reform

“People are dying” in both Russia and the United States in part because “we don’t do anything.” Read more »

Censor This! Five Art Projects Challenging Social Media Obscenity Rules

Sites like Facebook and Instagram sometimes flag female bodies as offensive. Read more »

Welcome to 2016, When You Can't Afford to Ignore Women in Comics

When no female comics artists were nominated for a major award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, high-profile comics industry professionals pulled out of the event and called for a boycott. Slowly, it seems like the culture of comics is changing for the better.  Read more »

Check Out Subversive New Alphabet Book "P is for Pussy"

The book is steeped in references to feminine power. Read more »

Artist Ebin Lee on Being Black in White Spaces

 In A Wretch Like Me: Sad/Black/Ugly/Queer, released last month by ... Read more »

About the Cover: The Nerds Issue

Our Nerds issue cover was illustrated by Yoswadi Krutklom. See it in more detail here! Read more »

Artist Pamela Z Crafts a Riveting, Avant-Garde Sound

Pamela Z is a mad scientist with her music, creating an compelling mix of sounds and visual art. Read more »

About the Cover: The Blood & Guts Issue

Heart and home, pain and pleasure, animal and identity. I was pretty set on using this particular image from the start. Read more »

"I Had a Miscarriage." A New Line of Cards Aims to Ease Hard Conversations

For when Hallmark just won't cut it, a doctor created illustrated cards expressing empathy for miscarriage.  Read more »