Art & Design

Five Rad New Media Artists to Watch

These young artists use the internet as their medium to explore girliness, technology, and culture.  Read more »

Three Things I Love About Our New Website Design

Bitch Art Director Kristin Rogers Brown shares an inside look at the new website design. Read more »

Coming Soon to Bay Area Public Transit: Beautiful Queer Portraits

This fall, if people riding San Francisco’s Muni buses actually look up from their phones and glance around, they’ll see something beautiful: pen-and-ink portraits of queer San Francisco residents.  Read more »

Slip On These "Whiteness Goggles" and the Violence of Cultural Appropriation Disappears

A new series of prints by artist Roger Peet aims to address a tricky topic: cultural appropriation.  Read more »

About the Cover: The Blue Issue

Our current summer print magazine is the Blue issue. With any theme that has so many literal and immediate visual references, I try to dig a little bit deeper for inspiration to do justice to the complicated content.  Read more »

A Graphic Novel Illustrates the Architecture of Immigration Detention

In the United States, a Congressional mandate requires that approximately Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fill 32,000 beds in immigration detention facilities every day. Read more »

Check Out This Free Activist Art Kit

Just in time for May Day protests, CultureStrike has put together a free activist art kit, full of a dozen stencil templates and banner templates you can put to good use.  Read more »

About the Cover: The Law & Order Issue

Fingerprints individualize us. While that thought is lovely from a scientific standpoint, it’s hard to forget that the state can use these unique marks against us. Read more »

About the Cover of Our (Re)Vision Issue

For the cover of Bitch’s winter issue, (Re)Vision, we dissected a kaleidoscope.  Read more »

When An Artist Says Simply, "Tell Me About Your Mother."

For weeks, a flat panel screen in Minneapolis’ Third Place Gallery showed projections from Allison Bollah’s video project Tell Me About Your Mother. There is no speech, no music or sound, merely images of people responding to the phrase “... Read more »