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Sm{art}: Carolee Schneemann in Portland Feb. 17

Tomorrow night in Portland (Thursday, February 17 at 7:00 PM), renowned artist Carolee... Read more »

Sm{art}: Not your grandmother's quilts

  Linda Gass is definitely not be the first to use her skills in sewing for political activism, even within the... Read more »

Sm{art}: RIP Spiderwoman

Sculptor Louise Bourgeois created an array of surreal images in her career, many of which address psychological phenomena in physically mutated or twisted figurative forms. But perhaps Bourgeois, nicknamed “Spiderwoman,” will be remembered by much of the public who encountered her work for placing... Read more »

Sm{art}: Does it matter if your vibrator is sexy?

How many times have I heard people describe a new new laptop computer or i-Whatever as sexy? So much so that apple has built a brand on technology that people want to touch, hold, explore. Sleek, clean, shiny. High-touch and high-... Read more »

Sm{art}: Laurie Hogin

Maybe it's a sign that spring has sprung, or should spring soon, but I am totally inspired by rabid technicolor bunnies right now. Read more »


Who is Yoko Ono? She is one of the most famous figures in the world, yet also one of the most misunderstood, enigmatic, and, at times, vilified. Quite often, what we think about Ono says more about us than about the artist herself. Do we want to know her, or are we content with myth and stereotype... Read more »

Veiled Threat: The guerrilla graffiti of Princess Hijab

Since 2006, the elusive guerrilla artist known as Princess Hijab has been subverting Parisian billboards, to a mixed reception. Her anonymity irritates her critics, many of whom denounce her as extremist and antifeminist; when she recently conceded, in the pages of a German newspaper, that she wasn... Read more »

Why Don't We Do it in the Road?: Seven weeks on the Sister Spit tour

the traveling spoken-word gang Sister Spit started five years ago as a weekly open mike where grrrly-type poets and performers could ply their trade at San Francisco bars and coffeehouses. In 1997, co-ringleader Michelle Tea, author of the charming and intimate memoir The Passionate Mistakes and... Read more »

Drawn from Memory: an interview with Phoebe Gloeckner, artist, storyteller, freaky mama

“I never intended this book to be published,” writes Phoebe Gloeckner in the introduction to her new collection, A Child's Life and Other Stories. Perusing these finely drawn, mostly autobiographical comic works, which span twenty years, it's not difficult to see why its creator might be... Read more »