10 Ideas for Election Self-Care

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We are so close to electing the first female president in U.S. history or… descending into complete chaos? Here at Bitch HQ, we’re all a bundle of nerves when we think, talk, or write about the election (as is the whole country). We spend all day working on articles and podcasts that we hope will lead to major cultural change. But the toxicity of this election is wearing us thin. So after we all cast our ballots (early voting, y’all!), we put together a list of what we’re doing for self-care in the most stressful, terrifying, misogynist, and infuriating election of our lives. 

Baseball, Cookies, and Dogs

What am I doing to election self-care? Curling up under my desk and shaking. Just kidding. Actually, I’ve found solace in watching the last game of the World Series and Chicago celebrations over and over and over and crying about sports. I’ve also been making Hillary’s 1992 chocolate chip cookie recipe, watching scary movies to re-channel my fear, and hugging the dog. —Kristin Rogers Brown, Art Director

Water & Boxing

There’s so much toxicity in this race—so making sure my body is hydrated enough to stay healthy has been a huge priority. I’m drinking like gallons of water every day. I’m also doing my best not to bring my phone into the bedroom so that if I wake up in the middle of the night and mindlessly scroll through Twitter, I’m not stumbling across the latest terrifying thing Donald Trump has said about women. Also exercise. Boxing has been a huge help in literally punching out the massive amount of anxiety I’m feeling. —Kate Lesniak, Director of Strategic Engagement

Strength Videos

I have a collection of videos bookmarked that I watch when I need some strength to get me through the day. Here’s some of what I’ll be pulling from to get me through on Election Day: Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy performance, Beyoncé’s 2016 BET Awards performance of “Freedom,” Prince & the New Power Generation’s 1991 MTV VMA performance of “Gett Off,” the “Thunder Road” music video, the “Take Me to Church” music video, Rihanna’s 2016 MTV VMA “Rude Boy/What’s My Name/Work” performance, and Nicki Minaj asking Miley what’s good. May they help you through this difficult time. —Dahlia Grossman-Heinze, Audience Engagement Manager

Sexy Fantasy Novels

I have a new rule: No using my phone in bed! Before falling asleep every night, I used to read election news on my phone. But this wound up stressing me out so much I started having terrible dystopian election dreams. Now, I fall asleep to the sounds of jazz radio and I’m not allowed to read anything on my phone. To create a break from the horribleness of the day, I’ve been reading sexy, sexy fantasy novels at night. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander has kept me afloat for the last month. —Sarah Mirk, Online Editor


Eating all the (real and good) ramen. —Andi Zeisler, Cofounder & Editorial/Creative Director

Hot Water

I’m holding a cup of hot water in my hands until the end of the election. —Julie Falk, Executive Director

Netflix & Face Mask

Finals, boy troubles, Trump, ugh! A face mask and Netflix always makes me feel a little better. —Alex Gregory, Design Intern

Cats & Blankets

Planning to watch election night with friends. My election night will include: one bottle of white, sweet bread, fluffy socks, many blankets, maybe bringing the cat along. Lining up one dubbed Miyazaki film for post-announcement watching. —Alexxander Dovelin, Graphic Designer

Cuddling & Dancing

I have been cuddling as many dogs as possible, trying to eat at regular intervals, and hosting kitchen dance parties with my husbian. —Britt Ashley, Managing Editor

More Dancing

Here are my strategies: Exercise, scream into a pillow, do karaoke, listen to Kanye West and wait for his 2020 election, and listen to upbeat music and have a dance party in my apartment. —Patricia Romero, Community Support Specialist

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