2017 Bitch Media Fellowships For Writers are Now Closed!


Applications for the 2017 Bitch Media Fellowships are now closed. We received close to 5,000 applications this year (!!!) and we are looking forward to finding our next cohort of outstanding Fellows among them. Thanks so much for your support.

Please Note:

  • We cannot accept late applications under any circumstances.
    We realize that life happens and technology fails. If your computer crashed or you hit the submit button just one second past the midnight deadline, we feel your pain, but we still can’t take your application. Please apply next year.
  • We cannot accept application updates via email, phone, or any other method.
    The application you submitted is the one that we will read and evaluate. Due to the nature of the submission manager and the sheer volume of submissions we receive, we simply do not have the resources to accept edits and updates. If we have questions about your application or need additional material, we will contact you.
  • If you forgot to indicate which dates you are available for a fellowship in your application OR those dates change at any point before you are notified, DON’T worry about updating us. 
    As we stated above, we do not have the resources to accept and track updates or edits of any kind. If you are selected for a fellowship, we’ll figure out those logistics with you when the time comes.
  • We cannot update you on the status of your application.
    We expect to notify applicants of acceptance by December 1st. We know that the waiting is the hardest part but again, we simply do not have the time or resources to offer individual updates on where your application is in the selection process. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  • Please DO NOT call our offices with questions.
    Seriously, please don’t. We love you but we have only one phone line and a very small, very busy office staff.




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