24 Hours Left! Get A Year of Bitch for $19.96Help us reach our $40k goal by midnight!

Two things:

1. Yes, we're under a tight deadline—just 18 hours left to reach our $40,000 goal​ by midnight. We're still $2,138 away.

2. No, this campaign isn't about financial desperation—though we are asking for your immediate support. It's about commitment to our values.

It'd be easy to plaster our magazine, website, and podcasts with pitches for products that will “improve your life” placed there by controlling corporate advertisers. Bitch would probably be rolling in cash.

But you and I both know that without our independent voice, Bitch would be nothing. A feminist response to pop culture that was filtered by corporate approval wouldn't really be feminist at all. It'd just be another mouthpiece for the same-old mainstream media that Bitch was founded to subvert. 

So that's why we've been asking you all month to help us raise $40,000 by midnight tonight: A determined commitment to our reader-supported funding model is what makes Bitch so special.

It's what makes Bitch, Bitch.

If you've waited to the last possible minute to help out, this is it:

1. Subscribe, renew, or give the gift of Bitch, all at a 20 percent discount—it's your last chance before this sale ends, too. Save big on a multi-year order!

2. Become a member and get Bitch mag in print + digital.

3. Donate $25. It will take you less than 3 minutes.

Whatever you do, please pitch in right away, and please do so because you're as committed to independent, feminist media as we are.

Thanks, we're counting on you.

Julie Falk, Executive Director

by Julie Falk
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Julie Falk has been the Executive Director of Bitch Media since 2009.

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