5 Feminist Albums That Got Us Through March

Three circles feature three different album covers: A green bubble features Tinashe's 333, a pink bubble shows Fana Hues's flora + fana, and a blue bubble shows Latto's 777.

Tinashe's 333 Deluxe; Fana Hues's Flora + Fana; Latto's 777.

March releases explore various sounds revolving around themes of growth and evolution—perfect spring listening. Latto formally introduces herself on 777; Kilo Kish interrogates capitalism on her sophomore album while Charli XCX offers a vintage take on her role as an anti-pop star on CRASH. As always, happy listening! 

Tinashe, 333 (Deluxe)

Tinashe - Pasadena (ft. Buddy) [Official Music Video]

Release date: March 3, 2022

The deluxe edition of Tinashe’s stellar LP 333 expands on the original’s themes of heartbreak, freedom and simply having a good time. It features four new tracks that showcase Tinashe’s affinity for vibrant experimental music. “Something Like A Heartbreak” is a mellow jam, punctuated by the singer’s falsetto, that reflects on a recent breakup. The single is followed by the house-inspired “HMU for a Good Time,” featuring Channel Tres. Throughout the track, the pair express their deep desire to have fun with each other: “Fuck it up, smoke it up, pass the blunt / These hoes can’t compete with us, drink with us, can’t sit with us,” Tinashe brags. The album ends with “Woke Up Blessed,” where she revels in everything she’s accomplished thus far—an appropriate closer for a deluxe edition of an album that further cemented the singer’s boundless creativity.


Charli XCX - Beg For You feat. Rina Sawayama [Official Video]

{Atlantic Records}
Release date: March 18, 2022

Charli XCX’s 12-track CRASH—her final album under her contract with Atlantic Records—is a beautiful mesh of contemporary and retro pop beats as the singer questions fame and the pressures of the music industry, specifically the requirement of major label artists to consistently release chart-topping singles (which makes the album feel more autobiographical than conceptual). Charli XCX sings on the title track, “I’m high voltage / Self-destructive / End it all so legendary.” Keenly aware of her strengths, the English songwriter knows she’s not bending for anyone. CRASH is essential listening that’ll easily make anyone excited for whatever she offers in her post-major label journey.

Latto, 777

Latto - 777 (Pt.1 & Pt.2) [Official Video]

{Streamcut/RCA Records}
Release date: March 25, 2022

With a new name and different sound, Latto reintroduces herself on 777. The Georgia rapper, formerly known as Mulatto, named it after angel numbers associated with growth and good fortune. She creates her own self-assured world where she incorporates elements of both pop and rap while reminding listeners of her signature hard-hitting rap style (illustrated by album’s openers “777 Pt.1” and “777 Pt. 2”). “Sunshine,” featuring satisfying verses from Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino, is a standout on the album that captures the LP’s thesis: bask in your laurels and don’t let anyone take them away from you. With 777, Latto proves she’ll remain a constant force in the rap game.

Fana Hues, flora + fana

Fana Hues - "BAD bad" (Official Video)

{Bright Antenna Records}
Release date: March 25, 2022

Fana Hues has experienced a momentous trajectory over the past two years. The Pasadena singer and songwriter released her debut project Hues in 2020 before getting featured on Tyler, the Creator’s Grammy-nominated album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Now, she’s following up that career-defining success with the release of her sophomore project, flora + fana. Hues introduces new listeners to her effortless flair, vulnerability, and poetic lyricism. On the opener, “moscato,” the singer croons about being determined to get herself out of a dark time: “I found myself / In the bottom of this Moscato / Can’t see no day ain’t no tomorrow / Swallow my problems / Today’s the day that I’m going to solve them.” Hues both acknowledges her pain and assures herself that she has everything she needs to escape those troubling moments, making flora + fana feel like a diary and a manifesto.



Release date: March 25, 2022

On her sophomore album, Kilo Kish challenges her listeners to confront American capitalism. Across 14 tracks, Kish delivers upbeat, dance-infused singles that invite everyone to question what success looks like to them and whether that version of success ultimately cultivates a healthy version of themselves. The album’s title track personalizes that concept by reflecting on how she sees herself as an independent, genre-bending visual artist trying to conform to the entertainment industry’s standards (“Can’t believe / I bought what you sold me / Just a little more / Stands before me / So I run.” On “DEATH FANTASY,” which includes background vocals from Miguel, she quickly concludes that she doesn’t need to conform: She’s enough just as she is. AMERICAN GURL is a subversive call-to-action from an artist who no longer wants to fit in.


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