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Weed, mota, bud, whatever you may call it, cannabis is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Although the Green Rush is on a steady rise, much of the industry has been taken over by white men. How can you, the responsible stoner, uplift people of color within one of the most profitable industries? Invest in their work! This holiday season, surprise your loved ones with these stoner-centric gifts created by people of color. Every item on this list can be purchased from anywhere in the country whether weed is legal in your state or not.

For the zine collector: High Mija zine

Photo of High Mija zineTahnee Udero has combined some of our favorite things in this zine: Chicana feminism and weed. High Mija gives us insight into Udero’s relationship with her dad and what a zine can look like through a Chicana, stoner lens, which is something we don’t see regularly. Smoking weed without shame has been reserved for white dude-bros and white women. High Mija challenges those views by giving space to women of color that self-identify as stoners to celebrate the activity.

High Mija zine, $6

For the fashion obsessed: Women.Weed.Wifi Army Jacket

Camouflage jacket with the words "Women, Weed, Wife" on itWomen.Weed.Wifi—a Seattle-based women of color collective created and run by Amanya Maloba, Janice Ibarra, and Vanity Thomas—is making way for women who smoke weed by creating a space for other women of color stoners to heal while building community. Women.Weed.Wifi is changing the narrative by centering the stories of women of color; working-class, incarcerated folks; and people who have been harrased for smoking up. The collective is currently taking submissions for their zine. Women.Weed.Wifi is also a great resource for those looking for what to watch while high, how to find answers in the stars, and reviews on the flower itself! Support Women.Weed.Wifi by sharing their work, but also by spending your money in their shop and buying a jacket or two!

WWWiFi Army jacket in “Tangerine Dream,” $60

For the artsy bae: Hookie by Rocio Cabrera

Colorful painting of three women on a couch smoking weed and drinkingThis print by New York-based artist Rocio Cabrera will send smokers on a trip down memory lane. Cabrera makes the trippiest artwork for all the sad, bad bitches of the world. Much of her work—which includes paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and t-shirts—focuses on sex, dating, body image, and mental illness. There are a number of smoking ladies featured in her art, and she even created joint earrings for you to put your love on display. Bilingual babes can also find prints in both English and Spanish on

Hookie, $25

For the one who gives back: Donate to The Hood Incubator

Triangle with the words "The Hood Incubator"Many of us have that one friend who donates their birthday to a cause of their choice instead of throwing a party—the friend who volunteers in their free time, hosts fundraisers, or works for nonprofits. That friend will love this gift. The Hood Incubator, a community-centered nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California, supports people of color looking to break into legal weed by setting them up for success. Their mission is to “increase the participation of Black and Brown communities in the legal cannabis industry as investors, owners, workers, patients, and consumers.” The Hood Incubator’s work is crucial to bringing diversity to an industry profiting on a drug that has historically been used to demonize people of color. Make a donation to The Hood Incubator in your friend’s name.

Donate to The Hood Incubator, give what you can

For the high yogi: Yoga with Minelli

Woman practicing yoga on the beachInstructor Minelli Eustàcio-Costa teaches weekly cannabis-enhanced yoga classes and hosts group and private sessions in California. Luckily for those of us not living in the state, she also teaches free online classes for you to practice anywhere you are, and writes about the benefits of cannabis in relation to self-care on her blog. Because these perks are free, this gift is also for the gift giver who just doesn’t have money to go all out this year. Your zen friend will thank you for the high peace of mind.

Online Yoga Classes, Free

For the munchies chef: The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Book cover for "The Vegan Stoner Cookbook"Whether you’re vegan or just hungry, The Vegan Stoner Cookbook has all of the easiest, inexpensive recipes to follow when you’re blazed. Each recipe contains the simplest ingredients possible, with cute illustrations to keep you on track. Plus, The Vegan Stoner blog will keep you busy while you wait for your cookbook—er, I mean, your friend’s cookbook to arrive. By creating this book, among other products, Graham Haynes and Sarah Conrique are quietly dispelling the notion that there aren’t many vegans of color out there.

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook, $16.99

For the well-read smoker: Gather Together In My Name by Maya Angelou

Book cover for Maya Angelou's "Gather Together in My Name"Maya Angelou is known for being many things: a poet, civil rights activist, dancer, author, and singer. But what some people may not know about her is that she was a smoker in her early years. In fact, Angelou wrote about her relationship to cannabis in her book Gather Together in My Name. She stated, “I opened my throat and kept my tongue flat so that the smoke found no obstacle in its passage from my lips to my throat…. While I coughed, gagging, those silly bitches laughed…. The food was the best I’d ever tasted. Every morsel was an experience of sheer delight.” We feel you, Angelou. Read this book while lifted and nod along.

Gather Together In My Name, $17.33

For the one who wants to vibe: 1992 Deluxe by Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia holding a basketball on the cover of "1992"Okay, so Princess Nokia didn’t write this entire album about weed. However, she did rap about it on multiple songs, like on “Green Line” with the lyrics “For $2.50 I could go anywhere I want/ Even if they check my bags/ I’m hiding weed from the cops/ I was on the 6, green line chick/ I was on the 6.” In “Bart Simpson,” Princess Nokia raps about her mischievous behavior, “Being sneaky with my teachers/ Smoking weed under the bleachers.” Nokia also features people of color smoking in her music videos. Watch the back-to-back video of “Bart Simpson” and “Green Line” online for a peek at the album and the ultimate New York vibe. This album makes a great gift for anyone looking for jams to bump while smoking with friends. Support this amazing woman of color, and “don’t you fuck with my energy.”

1992 Deluxe, $9.99

For the stoner who just wants to laugh: Witches’ Brew Comedy Show

Witches' Brew flier with cartoon figuresWe all love a good laugh, so why not spend your high times laughing your butt off and enjoying the work of some hilarious women. The Witches’ Brew Comedy show began in San Francisco in May 2016 and a Los Angeles installment began this fall. This monthly show featuring women and queer folks (hell yes!) is a great way to get some full-belly laughs in after you’ve consumed cannabis. Even if you’re not on the West Coast, this is a great gift to ignite plans for a girls’ trip. California voted to legalize recreational marijuana in November, which will go into effect January 1, 2018.

Witches’ Brew Los Angeles and San Francisco, $5–15

As much fun as it was to scour the internet for these gifts, one thing we noticed was that there are so many opportunities for people of color to create more weed-related products, art, organizations, and more. As the industry grows, we must find our way in on the ground floor, and we must support each other when we do. So if you’re a person of color who has had even an inkling of a thought about starting an entrepreneurial endeavour in weed, don’t forget to give that gift to the world this holiday season: share your art, open up the space for other stoners of color, or do whatever it is you do best for all to see. We’re hungry for more!

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