Adventures in FeministoryThey Called Her Dr. D, Part Two

An abbreviated version of this comic appears in our 2017 Winter issue, Devotion. This is the second in a two-part series that celebrates the life and work of Dr. Dorothy Brown. Make sure to read part one, and subscribe today!

Woman extends her hand toward the viewer. Text:Before was legalized in Roe v. Wade, she had provided abortions. Quote: "I don't think I broke the law. What was in the book of statutes was that a woman could have a termination if it would space the mother

Text: She would run from the capitol to the hospital to see patients. She decided to "do something for my profession." In 1967, she introduced a bill to change the state's abortion law. The bill proposed allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest.

Woman sits in a chair behind open doors with fire blazing in the background. Text  is a quote from Dorothy D. that reads: "You would have thought I opened the Gates of Hell."

An angry man with a shadowed face points at viewer. Text reads: The Speaker of The House told her to withdraw the bill, or it will be your first and last tour in the Tennessee state legislature.

A woman peers down at a map of the United States. Text reads: Looking at other states trying to reform their abortion laws, Dr. D. said: "Since the state of Tennessee has been last in so many things, let's let it be first in something."

Profile of a woman speaking. Text reads: The bill came within two votes of passage, but failed. And it was "my Waterloo," said Dr. D. She ran for the State Senate in 1968, and lost.

Woman sternly holds finger up. Text: Dr. D kept on moving. She lobbied for "Negro History Month," established a human relations commision, became one of the first single women to adopt in her state. Dr. D always said what she meant & meant what she said.

This article was published in Devotion Issue #77 | Winter 2018
by Cynthia Greenlee
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