Have A Question About Pop Culture, Feminism, or Media? Ask Bitch Media!

Did you know that you can ask us a question about feminism and pop culture and we might publish an article in response? Here are a few questions folks have asked, and the articles we published in response:

Q. I would love to hear more about Muslim feminists that are fighting for LGBT rights and against homophobia!
A. Stuck In The Media Spotlight, LGBT Muslims Often Feel Exploited by Sarah Harvard

Q. Why aren’t TRAP laws in Indiana and Florida getting more coverage? Reproductive rights and access to care is in serious danger! 
A. Amid All the Hubub Over The Presidential Race, Abortion Restrictions Slip Into State Legislators by Veronica Arreola

Q. I know there are a million thinkpieces on Beyoncé’s Black Panther Super Bowl performance, but I want to hear more!
A. Beyoncé’s Formation is a Celebration of Unapologetic Blackness by Vanessa Willoughby

Q. I’d love to hear more about how to deal when one band member displays “questionable behavior” in the heavy metal scene, particularly regarding safe spaces. 
A. Smashing Through the Boundaries: Heavy Metal’s Racism and Sexism Problem—and How It Can Change

Each article we publish in response to a reader question has this little symbol at the top of the story! What’s your question about media, feminism, or pop culture?


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