Backtalk: Accountability of PWR BTTM & Murder of Jordan Edwards

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about what accountability looks like for two recent stories: the sexual assualt allegations against the queer punk band PWR BTTM and the murder of teenager Jordan Edwards at the hands of a police officer. They dig into what it looks like to be held responsible for one’s actions. In Mr. Toad Trump’s Wild Ride, they talk about Trump’s scandal around the firing of FBI director James Comey and the hearings with former Attorney General Sally Yates.

On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. 

SAW: Amy is loving the drama series Unreal, a show within a show about the behind-the-scene maniupluations behind a Bachelor-esque television show. The series gives the audience the women antiheroes we’ve been waiting for. 

READ: Jagger Blaec’s “Miley Cyrus’ Image Makeover Shows Why Black People Fight For Their Culture” looks at how Cyrus’s problematic history of appropriation, and now denigration, of Black culture for profit. 

HEARD: Dahlia is listening to traditional Mexican music influenced, pop-folk track “Tú sí sabes quererme” by Natalia Lafourcade.

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by Amy Lam
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