Backtalk: bell hooks on Beyonce & Yacht's Hoax

On Backtalk, Bitch Media editors Amy and Sarah talk about current feminism and pop culture. This week, we chat with Bitch contributor Zoe Samudzi about bell hooks's recent criticisms of Beyonce's Lemonade in “Moving Beyond Pain,” and how we can both respect and be critical of works by people we admire. Plus Sarah talks about how disappointing it was to learn about indie electro-pop duo Yacht's hoax, where they pretended to be victims of a sex tape leak to create publicity for a music video. 

On Backtalk, we always share one thing we read, heard, and saw this week. 

SAW: Web series Anarkali centers brown love, heartbreak, and friendship in a show by and about South Asian women. 

READ: Linday West's new memoir Shrill is a funny, poignant feminist book. 

HEARD: It's time to press the repeat button because you'll wanna listen to this Bombón track, “¡Xicanista!,” over and over again.  

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by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam was a contributing editor and co-host of Backtalk at Bitch Media. Find her at & Twitter / Instagram.

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