Backtalk: Good, Bad & Problematic at The Oscars

This week, Dahlia and Amy are back to grumble and celebrate the Academy Awards. They dig into the limits of #MeToo in an industry that would continue to celebrate known abusers Gary Oldman and Kobe Bryant and overlook Ryan Seacrest’s abusive behavior so he can stay on the red carpet. And the tale of two white women actors, Emma Stone and Frances McDormand, and how their different remarks reflect what White Feminism or true allyship can look like at the Oscars. And of course the latest update on the clown car show that is the Trump administration in Petty Political Pminute, and don’t forget the latest Amy vs. Dahlia!

WATCH: A crew of four women in a journey film for those of you into aesthetics and alien shit: Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. 

READ: Danielle Evans’s short story collection Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self reveals how we don’t live in binaries of rights and wrongs with stories that look at gender, race, and all the impactful decisions we make in life. 

LISTEN: Dahlia wrote a list of all the Latinx women pop stars taking over pop music, including Princess Nokia and her song “Brujas.”

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