Backtalk: Google Manifesto & Transphobia Is Not a Joke

This week, exemplifies the question that Frank Ocean’s t-shirt asked: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?” Dahlia and Amy talk about the terribly misguided memo from a Google employee and the deplorable transphobia on the Breakfast Club. Recently, it was reported that a senior software engineer at Google decided that he needed to spread the good word around biological determinism as the reason behind the low number of women working in tech. This 10-page manifesto was leaked to the public and quickly went viral. They discuss how popular radio show, the Breakfast Club, is under fire for an interview where the hosts laughed as their comedian guest, Lil Duval, spewed harmful, violent transphobia—just a few days after writer Janet Mock had appeared on the show. This radio segment comes with the latest report that Dave Chapelle’s residency at Radio City Music Hall opens with transphobic jokes. And in this week’s Petty Political Pminute, we talk about the latest worst person inside the sad White House walls, Stephen Miller, and how everyone in the current administration are ugly toes on the most wretched foot you’ve ever seen. 

On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. 

WATCHED: Amy is loving Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, the parody reality TV show you didn’t know you needed to watch—if only for the Rhys Darby cameo—found exclusively on

READ: Literally all of Dahlia’s favorite words in a title: Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive traces misogyny and the shaming of women through the witch trials in Europe and Salem all the way to modern-day slut shaming.

HEARD: This time Dahlia means it when she says this is the perfect summer track with Willow Smith’s “Wait a Minute!

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