Backtalk: Is It Really Time’s Up in Hollywood?

In this first episode of 2018, Dahlia and Amy get into this year’s Golden Globes, the Time’s Up movement, and the misguided obsession for Oprah 2020. The Golden Globes is the first awards show since the fallout from the Weinstein effect and it didn’t shy away from talking about #MeToo and the latest movement to announce that Time’s Up for sexual harassment and violence against women in the industry. But is it all for show and what will real, concrete change look like? Plus, they kick off another segment of Petty Political Pminute with all the best/worst details from Michael Wolff’s tell-all of the first days of the Trump White House in Fire and Fury.

On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. 

WATCH: The Netflix mini-series Wormwood, directed by Errol Morris, examines how we think about truth and storytelling in this documentary and drama. 

READ: Helen Oyeyemi’s novel Boy, Snow, Bird breaks narrative convention to tell the story of women and girls, mothers and daughters, and what it means to survive—especially when you have to pretend to be someone you’re not. 

LISTEN: Cupcakke’s latest track, “Crayons,” is all the queer-positive vibes you need to kick off the beginning of the new year. 

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