Backtalk: Jemele Is Not Wrong & the Emmys

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about the very factual statement: Donald Trump is a white supremacist, as tweeted by sports journalist and truth-teller Jemele Hill, and the highs and lows of this year’s Emmys. Last week, Trump supporters were in an uproar over Hill’s tweets calling Trump out for exactly who is and the White House did not take kindly to it—Sarah Huckabee Sanders remarked that Hill should lose her job over the tweets! Then they celebrate some of the great Emmy wins and groan about the Sean Spicer cameo no one asked for. In this week’s Mr. Toad Trump’s Wild Ride, they talk about the impact of taking away DACA status from its recipients and what’s on the forecast for the policy.

On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. 

WATCH: Take the time to watch the Netflix docu-series Time: The Kalief Browder Story about a high school student who was wrongfully imprisoned for three years at Riker’s Island and what it shows us about a criminal (in)justice system that preys on vulnerable communties. 

READ: Dahlia recomends the latest collection of short stories and a novella in Carmen Maria Machado’s debut book Her Bodies and Other Parties. The novella is about a bizarro Law & Order: SVU world and that sounds amazing. 

LISTEN: Ring in Latinx Hertiage Month with our BitchTape featuring Helado Negro’s “Young, Latin & Proud.

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