Backtalk: Junot Diaz & MeToo

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about the latest in this #MeToo movement and what accountability can look like. More and more stories are coming out across industries of those who are abusing their power and we’re beginning to see more claims within the literary world. Last month, Junot Diaz published a heartbreaking account of his own rape, sharing his #MeToo moment. This is in contrast to recent allegations against him as the source of other’s #MeToo stories. Can Junot Diaz reckon with his own history of abuse without further abusing others? Plus Petty Political Pminute and a Golden Girls Amy Vs. Dahlia!

WATCH: Instead of watching The Rachel Divide, watch The Woman Who Wasn’t There (a documentary about a woman who faked surviving 9/11) or The Imposter (a documentary about a French man who pretended to be a kidnapped American teenager).

READ: Daniel Mallory Ortberg’s short story collection The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror is based on his series “Children’s Stories Made Horrific,” which appeared at The Toast, and it is so good.

LISTEN: Mesmerizing and beautiful, out of Kuala Lumpur is NJWA’s alternative R&B track, “Ocean.”

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