Backtalk: Mind the Wage Gap

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about what real allyship can look like in Hollywood and beyond. Recently, Porter magazine hosted a roundtable with Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez, Ellen Pompeo, and Emma Roberts where Pompeo called on white folks to do better and Rodriguez brought up the issue of pay inequity. Who gets uncomfortable in these conversations and does it create real change? And, as promised, Amy’s fave pop culture moment is the Black Mirror-esque anti-Amazon ad. In this week’s Amy vs. Dahlia, we’re hashing out the holidays: Are you Bah! Humbag! or Merry Everything? Text “Holiday” to 503-855-6485 to let us know what you think!


We need more heist films about women heisters! Watch Widows, starring Viola Davis, Daniel Kaluuya, Michelle Rodriguez, and more folks in this stunning cast.


A family moved into a nice home in New Jersey. Then they started getting letters from someone calling themselves The Watcher. This true tale is creepy, mysterious, and completely engrossing.


Remember when the Hormone Monstress on Big Mouth said the words “bubble bath”? Now there’s a banger remix of by Dizzy Rambunctious to shake your body to.


Photo credit: YouTube

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by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam is Bitch Media’s contributing editor. Find her at @amyadoyzie.