Backtalk: Ryan Lochte & Prison Reform

Amy and Sarah chat with each other from across the country in this episode! We talk about the recent fiasco with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte lying about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, casting a negative light on Brazil while reinforcing the “ugly American” abroad stereotype. And we dig into the U.S. Justice Department’s recent decision to phase out the use of private corporations who run federal prisons—reiterating a message that for-profit prisons aren’t doing their job to rehabilitate inmates. 

On Backtalk, we always share one thing we read, heard, and saw this week. 

READ: We loved Sara Benincasa’s snarky, hilarious, and unapologetic open letter asking that has the comedian and writer asking, “Why Am I So Fat?

SAW: Sarah really appreciates how her favorite show about a horse dude, Bojack Horseman, handles abortion with spot on humor

HEARD: Earlier this week, Noname tweeted, “I’m a fucking rapper. You dont have to keep saying female.” She got our attention with her laid back style on the first track, “Yesterday,” of her latest release Telefone.

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by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam was a contributing editor and co-host of Backtalk at Bitch Media. Find her at & Twitter / Instagram.

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