Backtalk: Summer Music We Love!

This week’s episode of Backtalk is a special, special summer music edition! Sarah and Amy each highlight five new-ish songs they love that we’ll be listening to all summer long. Looking for new music? You’re in the right place. Chill out and turn up the volume as we share some good tunes, from rap to surf rock to a sexy R&B throwback.
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Summer music episode:
Bonus Spotify playlist of songs: 
Songs highlighted in this episode: 
Tegan and Sara - “U Turn” 
Hop Along - “Waitress”
Chance the Rapper - “All We Got” 
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down - “Nobody Dies”


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by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam was a contributing editor and co-host of Backtalk at Bitch Media. Find her at & Twitter / Instagram.

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