Backtalk: Summer Screen Faves

This week, Dahlia and Amy are ringing in the summer raving about some of the best anticipated film and television shows coming out. Dahlia has rounded up Bitch-approved TV shows and movies premiering soon, and is obviously really loving all the great horror and true crime shows and films. Spending a few hours watching some of great television and films can be a balm against all the shitty news we’re seeing everyday. Plus, some Amy vs. Dahlia results!

READ: Dahlia read Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich by Norman Ohler, a fast historical read about how the Nazis discovered a methamphetamine, named it Pervitin, and gave it to all of Germany. This is real.

LISTEN: Discwoman is a NYC-based collective of women DJs and electronic musicians and Amy is loving this chill track mix by NK Batz Maru.

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AMY: Hi! Welcome to Backtalk, the feminist response to pop culture podcast. I’m Amy Lam, Contributing Editor Bitch Media. 

DAHLIA: And I’m Dahlia Balcazar, Senior Engagement Editor at Bitch Media. This is the first time I’ve introduced myself with my new name. So, it feels a little wild. It’s a long story about why I have a new name, but I have changed my last name! It’s not because I got married, just so everybody knows. I’m a confirmed bachelor for life. 

AMY: [laughs] But I love your new name. I think it’s beautiful, and it suits you perfectly. 

DAHLIA: Thank you. Aw, thank you. 

AMY: [laughs] All right. So, we start off each episode by talking about our favorite pop culture moment. What is yours? 

DAHLIA: OK. This is gonna relate later when we’re gonna talk more about the movie Hereditary because Amy and I went to see it. I think we both loved it? 

AMY: Oh, I loved it. 

DAHLIA: But I mean it’s kind of a sad story, but I think it’s really funny. 

BOTH: [laugh] 

DAHLIA: In Innaloo, West Australia, a movie theater accidentally attached the Hereditary trailer, which is an R-rated horror film, to the beginning of the PG rated film Peter Rabbit. 

AMY: [can’t stop laughing] 

DAHLIA: And you don’t  even— Look. Amy just thinks that’s so funny. Hereditary is a great movie, that it has very shockingly violent and horrible imagery, very horrible imagery. And that’s just all there is in the trailer. And so, Amy’s cracking up right now. 

AMY: [keeps cracking up] 

DAHLIA: It’s just, I know. I feel bad for that movie theater of 4 year-olds that now they have these terrible images in their head, but it’s kind of funny. [chuckles] 

AMY: You know, children have to learn— 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: —sooner or later, so. 

DAHLIA: There are scary things out there. 

AMY: Yeah. And at least they learned it was a good film, you know? 

DAHLIA: [laughs] I like how you said that so seriously. 

AMY: [laughs] My favorite pop culture moment is a little bit of a clapback. So, last week was the Tony Awards, and I guess Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t hosting. He was staying at home, and he was live tweeting parts of it. And at one point ,he tweeted this thing where he says, “Who is the woman in the top hat backstage at the Tony Awards? Gideon remarked she says ‘like’ and ‘oh my god’ a lot. I’m confused.” So, I wasn’t watching the Tony Awards live. but I saw this tweet. So, I’m guessing there’s somebody backstage who was doing a bit. 

DAHLIA: It was Rachel Bloom. 

AMY: Yes, Rachel Fucking Bloom. 

DAHLIA: Oh, sorry. Oh, sorry. You knew. 

AMY: No, no, no! [laughs] 

DAHLIA: No, I know who it was. 

AMY: From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, who I think is so amazingly talented. She’s a good writer, she’s funny, she’s a good actor, she’s a good singer, she’s just like, just has so many different talents and deserves to be known and I just think is amazing. And so, Neil Patrick Harris tweeted that, and then Rachel Bloom responded. She’s like, “Hi, I’m a big fan of yours. We’ve met numerous times, and my husband Dan Gregor wrote for How I Met Your Mother for five years.” 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: “Notably, he wrote the episode where your character finally meets his father.” So, this is her way of being like, you motherfucker! I’ve literally met you millions of times. My husband worked on your show. Why are you being so obtuse? I don’t know if this is— People were tweeting back Neil Patrick Harris like, “Is a bit? Are you trying to make a joke? How do you not know who Rachel Bloom is?” 

And another thing about this is that Rachel Bloom was recently on Marc Maron podcast, What The Fuck podcast. And at one point, Marc Maron was like, “You know, your show’s kind of like a guilty pleasure for me.” And she asked him, “Why is it a guilty pleasure?” And he was kind of like, I think, stunned by that question. And essentially, she was asking him like, is it a guilty pleasure because it’s a comedy that’s based around women and women’s stories and stars women? Can you interrogate why you think that’s a guilty pleasure and just a really good show that you enjoy? 

DAHLIA: Ooh. Just a pleasure. 

AMY: Yes! A regular pleasure like it is for so many of us. I really love Rachel Bloom for so many reasons, but I love she’s having this platform now where she’s able to sort of ask these hard questions of famous men who are maybe more powerful than she is in some ways. And Neil Patrick Harris should fucking get with it if he doesn’t know who Rachel Bloom is. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: ‘Cause her show is really good, regardless of that it’s a woman-centered show or that it’s a show about women or whatever. It’s just a good fucking show, and it’s shameful that he doesn’t know it because it’s also a musical show. 

DAHLIA: Yeah! 

AMY: So, he needs to learn more about his culture. [laughs] And it’s shameful that he did it, and I’m embarrassed for him that he tweeted that. 

BOTH: [laugh] 

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AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: [laughing] So, what’s my favorite thing that costs $8? 

AMY: Or fractions of 8: that’s what I do. I kinda cheat, you know what I mean, when I think of my things. 

DAHLIA: How much does Movie Pass cost? 

BOTH: [laugh] 

AMY: I think it’s like $10 a month or something, yeah.  

DAHLIA: OK. So, Amy and I have been talking about the pros and cons of Movie Pass. Because I don’t know if you guys are on Movie Pass, but like everyone I know is doing it. Seems like a really good deal. So, you could fund us seeing all of the movies we need to see for all of our Bitch Media Backtalk commentary, [chuckles] like…. Oh god, I can’t do fractions. 

AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: Almost all of a Movie Pass. 

AMY: Yeah, and besides your amazing financial contributions, we also really love and appreciate when y’all rate and review us on iTunes. Here is a really good review that we got recently from somebody who I think their username is A.C Caggiano. And it says, “I may be a 62 year old straight male, but this is one of the most inspiring podcasts that I listen to.” At first when I read this review, I asked Dahlia, I was just like, “Is this your dad?” [laughs] 

DAHLIA: You know what’s funny about that is that before she asked that, I was like, “Is this my dad?” But it’s not. It’s not. My dad loves our podcast, but that is not my dad. 

AMY: Shout out to Steve. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: Thanks for listening. Thank you for your support. But this just really goes to show that you know, I don’t think that we often think about who exactly is listening to us, demographically. I mean I think we have assumptions. But to think that there are older straight dudes tapping in to hear what we have to say about current events and pop culture, it’s really great. It makes me feel like our work is reaching a wider audience than we thought. 

DAHLIA: Yeah. 

AMY: So, yes, if you have the time and inclination and would love to support us in this way, please leave a review and rate us on iTunes. 

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DAHLIA: Amy and I are the best of friends; however, often we have big, very serious arguments that threaten to split us apart forever. 

AMY: Argh! 

DAHLIA: We call that Amy Versus Dahlia, where we argue about something incredibly insignificant but actually very significant to both of us. The last time we had an Amy Versus Dahlia, the question was who is the best Golden Girl. I mean it’s hard to say; they’re all the best. But Amy put forward the argument that Rose Nylund was the best Golden Girl. I put forward the argument that Blanche Devereaux was the best Golden Girl. 

And now to announce the results: we got 100 votes. Yay! Amazing. Sadly, I lost. 52 people voted for Rose, and 48 people voted for Blanche. So, incredibly close. 

AMY: Wow. That was very close. 

DAHLIA: Very close. 

AMY: Yes. I will take my victory. 

DAHLIA: But sounds like Amy and Rose are the best this week. 

AMY: Yes. Yes. I mean Betty White was incredible as Rose! And last night, I just watched three episodes of Golden Girls in a row. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: And I swear every episode I LOL. So, props of that show. And if you haven’t watched it yet, please check it out. It’s on Hulu. It’s so worth it just to log on and check it out. 

[cutesy bells ring] 

DAHLIA: Amy and I both are so happy that it’s summer. We’re living our best summer lives, which really means watching lots of movies and TV. Over at we have two lists of all of the movies and all of the TV that you will wanna watch this summer. You can navigate over to them by going to and then clicking on the tab that reads “Screen.” And you can see all of our Bitch watch lists of all of the TV and movies that you have to watch the summer. But we just thought we would take this episode to talk about all of the shows and movies that we’re super excited about because there are honestly so many that look so good. 

So, first up, TV, summer TV. Over at Amazon there’s a show that I’m really excited about. It’s called Picnic at Hanging Rock. It’s based on a novel by the same name and also a 1975 film of the same name. But you know me. I’m such a sucker for everything about girls at boarding school. I’m obsessed, as you know, with girls at boarding school. And so Picnic at Hanging Rock is set on Valentine’s Day in 1900 in Australia, and the girls of this boarding school are visiting Hanging Rock, which is sort of like a mysterious cliff formation. And at the end of this picnic day, three girls and one of their teachers do not come back from this excursion. Where did they go? What happened to them? It’s kind of a trippy, a little bit of like a psychedelic kind of mystery even though that’s wild to say because it’s set in 1900. But I’m really, really into it because Natalie Dormer stars as the head mistress of this mysterious boarding school. You might know her from Showtime series The Tudors. She was Anne Boleyn. And she’s also on Game of Thrones. She’s Margaery Tyrell. 

And also, I also really like Picnic at Hanging Rock because it features Yael Stone, who is Lorna in Orange Is the New Black, and she’s like a very religious Religious Studies teacher. And there’s this scene where she’s creeping around in the dark, and another girl startles her. And she yells, “Don’t sneak about like an oyster!!” 

AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: And I was like, oh! And I don’t know. I was so charmed by that line. 

AMY: Well, I would really love to see her in something else ‘cause she’s so good in Orange Is the New Black. 

DAHLIA: She’s very severe, a severe Religious Studies teacher. 

AMY: [chuckles] Speaking of severe, I’m really, really, really, really, really, really into this show that’s about to come on just based on this trailer that I’ve seen on HBO. It’s called Sharp Objects, and it stars Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, two women who I love watching. There’s a, I don’t know, a medium list of white women that I fuck with. You know what I mean? 

BOTH: [laugh] 

AMY: Some white women, I just cannot stand watching. 

DAHLIA: It’s a medium list. 

AMY: Yes, a medium list. But Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson in particular, I love watching them on screen. So, in the trailer you kind of get this gist about like Amy Adams, as a character, she’s moving back to her hometown, and Patricia Clarkson plays her mom. And I guess she’s investigating a murder, and she’s revisiting memories from her past. And it has a lot to do with what we think about memory and what it tells us about the present time. Which also relates to another film on HBO called The Tale, which I just watched. 


AMY: I loved it, loved it so good. So, you can do The Tale and Sharp Objects, like back to back thing have you wanted to check it out. But I’m really excited about watching this. And it’s a miniseries on HBO. I mean they’ve been doing some really great work around I think stories that are being told by and about women. So, that’s something that I’m excited to check out. 

DAHLIA: On June 29, the second season of GLOW premieres. GLOW is an acronym for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. It is such a funny show. It’s set in 1985 in Los Angeles. It’s a Netflix series. It stars Alison Brie, who you might remember as Trudy Campbell from Mad Men. She is so excellent. And she is one of a group of actresses who are trying to find some some parts, and so they audition to be Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, and now they are Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Alison Brie is Ruth “ Zoya the Destroya.” 

BOTH: [laugh] 

DAHLIA: And she’s so good! I feel like Alison Brie is also someone who just really fully commits to her part. The first season of GLOW had this scene where Alison Brie was essentially wrestling herself, and it was just like the physical comedy and skills involved in wrestling yourself: what a triumph.  

BOTH: [laugh] 

DAHLIA: I just think GLOW is so funny. Marc Maron is in it. Kate Nash is in it. It’s super funny; I’m really excited for it to come back this season. 

AMY: So, speaking of second season of shows, I am legit super into The Bold Type. It’s a series on Hulu, and it’s coming in for a second season beginning in June. So, it’s a show about these three friends, these three girlfriends who work at a magazine called Scarlet Magazine. It’s like a women’s magazine. And it’s just one of those shows where— ‘Cause first of all, I love film and movies about publications. 

DAHLIA: Yeah, we’ve talked about this, about how it’s like us but not. 

AMY: Yeah. But I especially ‘cause I’ll watch anything that has to do with newspaper reporting or magazines; even the boring shit I’ll just watch just ‘cause I love seeing what those rooms look like and how theoretical editors and writers work together. But I especially love it when it has to do with women’s magazines or feminist-y things. I love The Devil Wears Prada, and I loved Ugly Betty ‘cause it was a fashion magazine. But The Bold Type is another one of those shows, and it’s one of those kind of feel-good shows that you pop on, and it’s not too challenging. And it always has like, it’s trying to tackle tough issues, and sometimes they wrap it up neatly; sometimes they don’t. But I think it’s trying to do something that I’m not seeing other shows do. And then it doesn’t take itself too seriously in a way, and it’s fun to look at, in the way they Ugly Betty was fun to look at. 

DAHLIA: Yeah, yeah. 

AMY: Kinda like bright colors, great clothes, good hair and makeup. I really appreciate it, and I think it’s just one of those things where you’re having a hard day ‘cause life is terrible, and you just wanna sit back and watch a show that takes you somewhere else: The Bold Type is it. And I just love it. It’s just like it’s not even a guilty pleasure; it’s just a pleasure pleasure for me. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: You know what I’m saying? So, please check out The Bold Type on Hulu ‘cause I actually do wanna see this show have a few more seasons. I think it’s just a fun thing to watch! And I’m glad that it’s premiering over the summer ‘cause I think it’s a really great summer show. 

DAHLIA: Amy and I went to see Hereditary, which is sort of what kicked us off talking about summer movie and TV. I think we both totally loved it. 

AMY: I loved it. I thought it was really good, yeah. 

DAHLIA: Both of us, yeah. I loved it. Of course I would ‘cause it’s a horror movie. The acting is so good. And there is some imagery, like I was saying, there’s some imagery that if you’re expecting Peter Rabbit, you’re gonna be quite… nightmare-afflicted for a while. There is just some imagery and scenes in that movie that I’m never gonna forget. They were so striking because of how horrible they were! 

AMY: I mean I went into that movie completely not knowing anything about it, and I actually love doing that. I love going to films knowing as little as possible. It’s such a fun treat because then you’re completely surprised by everything. And this was a really good horror film. And I really wanted to see it, and I couldn’t find anybody see it at first. And then I was like, I know who’ll see it with me. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: Dahlia will see this with me! 

DAHLIA: Yeah, Amy’s like, “Do you wanna see Hereditary? I texted her back in like less than a second. 

AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: “Yes. I already know where it’s playing.” 

AMY: [laughs] And I think that the horrific things that happened in this film are so stunning. 

DAHLIA: Stunning, yes. 

AMY: I don’t even know another word to say. So, I think if you’re into horror, and even if you’re not, you’re like horror-adjacent— ‘Cause I’m not like a big horror head you are. You know what I’m saying? But I love a good scary movie, and this was good, and the writing is good. Like you’re saying, the acting is great. The storytelling just unfolds so perfectly. It’s just a really fun horror movie. 

DAHLIA: I should say briefly, the plot is that there’s a woman named Annie. She’s played by Toni Collette. And her mother has just died, and she’s sort of reckoning with who her mother really was and what impact her mother actually had on her family…in a horrifying way! 

BOTH: [laugh] 

AMY: I am really excited to see Sorry To Bother You. 

DAHLIA: Oh yeah! 

AMY: Yes. Because #1, I’m a huge Keith Stanfield fan. He’s in Atlanta, and he was also briefly in Get Out. And Tessa Thompson who’s in Westworld and in the Dear White People the Movie. I’m just excited to see this because it’s set in some kind of alternate version of the Bay Area. And I just love seeing any kind of wacky world shit that places people that you don’t normally see in them, and in this case it’s black folks. I love seeing things that we’re not often seeing being recasted with folks from marginalized communities. Last night I was watching The Devil Wears Prada. It was on TV, and I was so excited. And I was just like, whoa, this movie, it’s been more than 10 years since it’s been out. I would love to see a remake strictly of The Devil Wears Prada, not of any sequel, but of different types of people. And what would that story look like? I just think that we just need more more stories where we’re just not seeing white culture shit. [laughing] You know what I mean? That’s just something I’m really interested in seeing, and I can’t wait for this to come out. I was excited to see that when the trailer came out, and I’m excited to see when this to come out in July as well. 

DAHLIA: I’m very curious, waiting with bated breath for Spike Lee’s new movie, which comes out August 10th. It’s called Black Klansmen. It’s based on the true story—this happened in the 1970s—a true story of a Colorado cop who successfully, a black Colorado cop who successfully, infiltrated the KKK. 

AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: It’s, no pun intended, I think this movie is gonna be a black comedy. It stars John David Washington, who is Denzel Washington’s son as Ron Stallworth ,who is the cop who infiltrates. Obviously, he is aided by a white police officer played by Adam Driver, who’s sort of his alter ego in person when he’s meeting with the KKK. You know, as with all Spike Lee things, is it gonna be amazing? Is it gonna be problematic? The trailer looks super funny though. And I read an interview with Topher Grace, who is playing the Klan leader David Duke in the film. And I know. Amy just made a horrible face. 

AMY: [laughs] 

DAHLIA: I read an interview with him where he said that he was shooting this film while his wife was pregnant. And so, he was walking around his house rehearsing his lines, and his wife walked in pregnant and was like, “Can you tone it down with the hate speech? I don’t want the baby to hear anything that you’re saying.” 

BOTH: [laugh] 

AMY: Yeah, that movie looks amazing too. I, of course, am really, really excited to see Crazy Rich Asians that’s coming out in August. It’s based on the novel by Kevin Kwan. I think it’s like a series of three novel about the same story. And it’s about a character played by Constance Wu, who falls in love with this guy. She doesn’t know that much about him. And he’s like, “Well, I want you to come back to Singapore and meet my family,” ‘cause I think they’re based in the US. And so when she goes back with him—and the guy’s played by Henry Golding—and when she goes back with Henry Golding to meet his family in Singapore, she realizes that his family are these super-wealthy Singaporeans and that he’s a really big deal. [laughing] I don’t know how else to say that! 

DAHLIA: He’s like the most eligible bachelor in the country. 

AMY: Right. And so, she has to— But the problem is that Michelle Yeoh, who plays his mother, doesn’t want her to marry him. And then I guess Constance Wu has to pick between marrying him and maybe destroying his family or something— 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: —and being in love or stepping away from that. I think that this is gonna kind of be like an Asian Sex In The City, the film. You know what I’m saying? 


AMY: I think it’s gonna be full of amazing color, amazing clothes. 

DAHLIA: Beaches. 

AMY: Yes, beaches. It’s just gonna be really fun. And I understand there’s been criticism about this film, about the title of it, about how it’s just gonna be like pop fodder. I’m like, so fucking what? You know what I’m saying? I think if we wanna say that representation matters, I think it should matter in every way. I think that Asian folks should have a totally mindless, really gorgeous film to look at. 

DAHLIA: Yeah. Well, you know, not films don’t have to be monolithic. They don’t have to represent the experience of being this kind of person forever. No. 

AMY: This film is obviously a capitalism dreamscape, you know? It’s not trying to be radical in any way except for the fact that it completely centers stories of Asian folks. That’s it. 

DAHLIA: Yeah. Yeah. 

AMY: And I wanna this, and I’m excited to see this! And I am excited to see this more than once. You know what I mean? I was saying that before Movie Pass changed their terms, ‘cause now you only watch each movie once. 

DAHLIA: Oh no. 

AMY: That’s like a thing, if that’s like a warning against Movie Pass. 

DAHLIA: I like seeing movies twice in theaters! 

AMY: Yeah. So, if I could have, I would have gone and bought a ticket every day with my Movie Pass, but now I can’t So, I might have to pay for a couple more viewings, and I wanted to see it. But I’m really excited to see Crazy Rich Asians. 

DAHLIA: Constance Wu just lights up the screen. I think she’s so delightful in everything. 

There’s so many more movies that I wanna talk about, but I finish with two that I’m most excited about. That’s not true; I’m excited about all of these, but two more. I’m really excited for the movie Under the Silver Lake. It’s directed by David Robert Mitchell who directed the 2014 film It Follows, which is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. I really highly recommend it. Under the Silver Lake does not seem to be a horror film, though. So, if you’re not into horror, this is a more PG recommendation. It stars Andrew Garfield as a guy named Sam who is embroiled in a sort of L.A. noir sinister conspiracy when he tries to solve the mysterious disappearance of his neighbor Sarah, who is played by Riley Keough. I love like every time we talk about movies or TV shows that we like, I feel like I just end up being like, “I love that actress.” I just love so many actresses! I love Riley Keough mostly because she’s Elvis’s granddaughter. 

AMY: Ah! 

DAHLIA: Doesn’t she look just like Elvis? 

AMY: Whoa! I didn’t know that. Anyway, go on. 

BOTH: [laugh] 

DAHLIA: And then last but surely not least, on August 17th Down A Dark Hall is coming out. It is based on Lois Duncan’s 1974 novel. I love Lois Duncan’s work so much. When I was like a tween, it was all I read. Down A Dark Hall is also—I mean you can see my bias here—about a boarding school for wayward girls, but Uma Thurman stars as the mysterious headmistress. It is about a group of girls, four girls who are sent to this boarding school but then find that they’re actually the only four students there. And as they explore their new school, [whispers ominously] they find that there is a terrible secret buried in the halls of Blackwood Hall! Because of course. 

BOTH: [laugh] 

AMY: Well, I wanted to wrap up this list of movie recs by talking about Won’t You Be My Neighbor. 

DAHLIA: Oh, good! 

AMY: Yeah, it’s the documentary about Fred Rogers a.k.a. Mr. Rogers aka everybody’s best friend. I literally teared up watching the fucking trailer. 

DAHLIA: Yeah, me too. 

AMY: So, I am just ready to go into this documentary and just bawl my eyes out. And often, whenever people share this trailer, they frame it around how it’s just kind of a difficult time to be alive sometimes. 


AMY: And I think that somebody as special as Fred Rogers, you know, I think they should be remembered that way. I’m getting misty eyed just even talking about him ‘cause I grew up watching him on PBS. So, I’m sincerely very excited to see this documentary about Fred Rogers and his show and about the impact of his work. So, that comes out in June, and I am literally searching right now to see if it’s showing anywhere. So, I am looking forward to going in and watching this documentary to inject [laughing] a little bit of hope into my life! 

DAHLIA: Yeah. 

AMY: Because I think that because of the work that we do, we do surround ourselves with a lot of current news and current events, and a lot of it’s just shit. 

DAHLIA: Oh yeah. Yeah. 

AMY: So, you know, the thing about us doing this list is that we’re trying to look for little beacons of things that we can escape to for a few hours to take our mind off of what a shitty time it is [laughing] to be alive sometimes. I’m really turning this down! But what I’m trying to say is go watch some good shit! But Dahlia made two really great lists that are on right now: 20 Bitch-approved movies you should watch this summer and also 15 Bitch-approved TV shows you should watch this summer. And I think that like, check out this list if you’re ever stumped for shit to watch when you have time to do it. 

[cutesy bells ring] 

AMY: So, at the end of each episode we recommend some stuff for you to watch, read, and listen. But we just did a whole entire segment on things to watch. So, we’re gonna start off with something you should read. 

DAHLIA: This book recommendation from me, I think it’s a little unusual, but it was so worthwhile. Over the weekend, I read a book called Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich by Norman Ohler. 

AMY: [chuckles] 

DAHLIA: OK, I know that sounds like a really boring history book. But let me tell you what it’s actually about: turns out that all of the Nazis were on meth. You know, in their labs they created a methamphetamine, and they just didn’t know what it was. And they were like, “Ah! Das wünder drug!” I made that up. That’s not what they said. But they were like, “Oh, we don’t know what this is, but it makes you stay up later. It makes you amped. It makes you feel virile and ready to fight. Let’s give it to everybody!” And so, they called it pervitin. And for real, pilots took pervitin. Hitler took pervitin. Everybody took pervitin because that was like part of the idea of the Nazi will is like we’re so strong that at any moment, we’re ready for battle…because we’re on meth. It was fastening. It’s a really fast read. 

AMY: So, my list that I recommend is a New York-based collective of women and female-identified DJs or electronic musicians— I’m weird about saying that ‘cause I’m not that into that scene, and I don’t really understand it that much. 

DAHLIA: [laughs] 

AMY: But! The music is amazing! So, I found out about this collective called Discwoman. It’s a play, on you know like the old-school Discmans? 

DAHLIA: Oh, I remember Discmans, of course! 

AMY: You know, the portable cd players. 


AMY: So, the collective is called Discwoman. 

DAHLIA: That’s cute. 

AMY: And so, I found out about Discwoman because of the musician Rigi who I had recommended I think couple of months back as a listen. She also was a part of the collective, and it’s a group of women DJs and women electronic musicians. And I just was on their SoundCloud page, and I just clicked and listened to all these hour-long mixes that they’ve made. And one of the mixes that I really liked, it’s by NK Badtz Maru. It’s a Discwoman 45 track. So, literally, just go to the Soundcloud. And if you just need some good music to listen to while you’re studying, writing, doing any activity where you just kind of like wanna zone out, I definitely recommend listening to these tracks on Discwoman. But this one is one that I’m really enjoying. It’s by NK Badtz Maru. 

Thanks for listening! 

DAHLIA: Thanks for listening.  

[NK Badtz Maru’s mix plays] 

♪ Help me 

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, shorty
It’s your birthday
We gon’ party like it’s your birthday
We gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday
And you know we don’t give a f**k it’s not your birthday! 

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub 

Mama, I got what you need, if you need to feel a buzz 

I’m into havin’ sex, I ain’t into makin’ love 

So come give me a hug, if you into gettin’ rubbed 

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub 

Mama, I got what you need, if you need to feel a buzz 

I’m into havin’ sex, I ain’t into makin’ love 

So come give me a hug, if you into gettin’ rubbed 

When I pull up out front, you see the Benz on dubs 

When I roll 20 deep, it’s always drama in the club 

Now when I roll with Dre, everybody show me love 

When you sell like Eminem, you get plenty of hoppy love…. ♪ 

DAHLIA: Thanks for listening to Backtalk. This show is produced by Ashley Duchemin. Bitch Media is a reader- and listener-supported feminist nonprofit. If you wanna support the show and our work, please head over to and donate. 

♪ In the hood, in L.A, they saying “50 you hot” 

They like me, I want them to love me like they love ‘Pac 

But holla, in New York shorty’ll tell ya I’m loco 

And the plan is to put the rap game in a choke hold 

I’m fully focused man, my money on my mind 

Got a mill out the deal and I’m still on the grind 

Snow shorty said she feelin’ my style, she feelin’ my flow 

Her girlfriend wanna get bi and they ready to go 

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub 

Mama, I got what you need, if you need to feel a buzz 

I’m into havin’ sex, I ain’t into makin’ love 

So come give me a hug, if you into gettin’ rubbed ♪ 

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