Backtalk: Trump's Toxic First Days & Women's March

This week on Backtalk, Dahlia and Amy try not to lose their minds talking about the first days of the new alternative-facts presidency. Dahlia shares her experience at the poorly-attended inauguration and how the Women’s March in DC was a hopeful act. Then they talk about some of the destructive policies that have been enacted in less than a week since Trump took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office signing executive orders with his small, fragile, tiny hands. 


This episode of Backtalk is sponsored by the book Dead Feminists.  Although some have claimed that feminism lost in 2016, the historic heroines of Dead Feminists are proof that sometimes the long arc of history is marked by brief losses before there can be meteoric progress. With a foreword by Jill Lepore, author of The Secret History of Wonder Woman, this illuminating look at 27 women who’ve changed the world is based on the beloved Dead Feminists letterpress poster series and features broadside art alongside feminist history to help illustrate a better future by tying together past challenges with today’s issues.

Published by Sasquatch Books in Seattle, Dead Feminists is available wherever books are sold.

On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. 

SAW: Amy supports self-care through escapism, and a really fun spooky comedy to get into is Crazyhead on Netflix. 

READ: Dave Zirin at The Nation lets you know: ”I was at Trump’s Inauguration. It was tiny.

HEARD: Dahlia saw Alia Sharrief perform “Who Ready” at the Women’s March on Washington.

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