Backtalk: Turn off the Gaslight

This week, Dahlia and Amy got to thinking more about the ubiquity of gaslighting after seeing a Twitter thread by writer Carmen Maria Machado and the case against Junot Diaz. The term originates from an eponymous play and film about a husband who gaslights his wife into thinking she’s going mad and is now commonly used to describe making another person feel as if their own thoughts and memories are untrue and inaccurate. This episode explores how gaslighting operates on a larger scale when organizations and institutions use it to make us doubt our own feelings. Plus, an Amy vs. Dahlia worth getting animated about—vote by texting “Disney” to 503-855-6485!

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Dahlia is watching all of the Syfy horror anthology series Channel Zero. Each season stands alone—start at season three, Butcher’s Block, about a family of ghost cannibals in the South, or season two, No-End House, about two best friends who enter an infamous and dangerous fright house.


“Junot Díaz and the Problem of the Male Self-Pardon” by Lili Loofbourow is an excellent essay exploring the ways in which abusive men’s forgive themself and how we’re expected to embrace it.


“Malamente” by ROSALÍA is the sexy, sassy, summer-pop Dahlia didn’t know she was waiting for.

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by Amy Lam
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Amy Lam is Bitch Media’s contributing editor. Find her at @amyadoyzie.