Backtalk: Weinstein, #MeToo, Everything is Terrible

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk-yell about all of the sexual harassment and assault allegations against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and its impact on the industry and beyond. Following breaking stories from the New York Times and the New Yorkermore than 40 women have come forward with their own stories of abuse from Weinstein. This case against Weinstein can introduce a sea change in both the film industry and beyond, but this episode also discusses the limits of survivors sharing their trauma for empathy, like in the case with #MeToo tag. Women have faced sexual assault and harassment since approximately forever, will exposing ourselves with #MeToo create impactful cultural change? They also dig into Mayim Bialik’s victim-blamey NYT op-ed where she posits that maybe ladies wouldn’t be so easily harassed if they’d only just dress more modestly (she’s since apologized for her misguided essay).


On each episode, we share one thing we saw, read, and heard this week. In preparation for Halloween, we’ve got scary recommendations!

WATCH: Amy suggests watching the classic Poltergeist about a really, very, exceptionally haunted house. She’s also trying to figure out how to watch “the scariest film of all time” about hair growth, The Peanut Butter Solution

READ: Dahlia back at it again with grade-A, on-brand, Dahlia content in her piece, “Witchreads: 11 Books to Hex the Patriarchy.”

LISTEN: From the “Bitchtapes: Friday the 13th” playlist, Karen Elson’s very chill “Season of the Witch.”

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