Bitch Approved3 Podcasts Feminists Should Listen To In November

Podcasts are booming right now! Scores of new podcasts premiere each month, making it nearly impossible to listen to them all. This is a good problem to have because podcasts keep many of us entertained as we work, cook, drive, exercise, and soak in the tub. Yet trying to keep track of the ones worth your time is becoming more and more difficult.

To combat this (good) problem, we’ve created a monthly Bitch Approved list that highlights the best new podcasts. You’re welcome.

1. She’s All Fat

Body positivity is a buzzword that, in many respects, has lost its meaning. Rather than centering fat, disabled, trans, and other bodies that have been historically marginalized, body positivity has quickly devolved into a means of selling products and giving thin white women brands. Alas, She’s All Fat is coming into the world at the perfect time. Each week, Los Angeles–based writers April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn make the podcast arena more size inclusive by shining a necessary spotlight on fat activists, writers, bloggers, and those keeping body positivity connected to its roots. Since the show’s only eight episodes in, you can get caught up—and laugh along the way.

2. Feminasty

Nasty Women: The Feminist Survival To Trumps America is an incredible anthology that speaks truth to power. The book’s editors, Samhita Mukhopadhyay and Kate Harding, are continuing the book’s phenomenal work with Feminasty, a podcast that aims to answer a single question: What makes you a nasty woman? With the help of prominent guests, including Ann Friedman, Miss Eaves, and Sara Benincasa, the hosts aim to answer that question and figure out how women are navigating this political moment.

3. Homoground

Homoground is not a new podcast. In fact, Lynn Casper has been hosting the music show since 2011 and they’ve released more than 200 episodes. However, Homoground is still highly underrated, and it shouldn’t be. Each week, Casper interviews and plays music from queer underground artists that haven’t broken into the mainstream. It’s the perfect listen for those who are missing Bitch’s New Music Monday interviews.

by Evette Dionne
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