Bitch Approved: 3 New Podcasts You Should Listen To In February

Each month, Bitch curates this list of our favorite podcasts as a way of cutting through the static and giving our community ones we think are most worth their time. Podcasts keep us engaged during our work day, while we’re exercising, or when we’re driving or commuting, but they’re also a way of tapping into a community of like-minded listeners.

In February, these newer podcasts—about a chilling crime, hip hop, and cinema—will appeal to different listeners and hopefully lead them to other podcasts.

Happy listening!

1. Atlanta Monster

From 1979 to 1981, young Black male children and teens were under attack in Atlanta: In that two-year span, at least 28 children and teens were killed. In 1982, Wayne Williams was convicted for the murder of two adults, but he was also connected to the deaths of the various children as well. In Atlanta Monster, a 10-part true-crime podcast, host Payne Lindsey revisits the murders and what led to Williams’s arrest and conviction. Payne and his creative partner, Donald Albright, are also responsible for the popular podcast Up and Vanished. Atlanta Monster rehashes the case, but also adds new context for those who aren’t as familiar with the killings.

2. Brutally Honest

Karlie Hustle is a veteran of the music industry. Until 2014, she worked as the assistant program director and music director at Hot 97, a staple of radio for hip-hop artists. She’s also worked at Apple Music and Jamla, a record label run by producer 9th Wonder. Now, Hustle’s turned her insightful lens to podcasts. Brutally Honest uses the lens of pop culture to tackle an array of issues, including parenting, the death of hip-hop pioneer Reggie “Combat Jack” Ossé, and how to advocate for imperfect people. Best of all, Hustle offers her slice of life in 20 minutes or less, making this the perfect podcast to listen to during a lunch break.

3. Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters is a new-ish podcast from April Wolfe, who most recently worked as the lead film critic for LA Weekly, and also has produced and wrote several short films. All’s that to say she has an incredible perspective on film, particularly through the female gaze. Each week, Wolfe has conversations with female filmmakers, including Emily V. Gordon, who recently earned an Oscar nomination for cowriting The Big Sick, about movie genres that we all love. Whether about horror, sci-fi, or comedies, each episode features storied guests and conversations that cinephiles will love.

by Evette Dionne
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