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Photo credit: BattleGreenBox/Etsy, Penguin Random House

The youth are leading today’s environmental movement with impressive zeal. They’ve inherited an earth plummeting ever faster into disaster and are refusing to be complacent with the policies and practices of the Boomer generation. Thank the blessed mother for them. If you have a young environmentalist in your life who you’d like to thank for saving the planet, breaking up with Amazon is the greatest gift. But this gift guide—full of environmentally conscious products—is a close second.

Chainbreaker Bike Book: An Illustrated Manual of Radical Bicycle Maintenance, Culture, & History
{ Ethan Clark and Shelley Lynn Jackson }

Empower youths to get up close and personal with their bikes. This book not only teaches basic bike maintenance, but it offers an economical, inspiring, and honest perspective on bike culture.

Rechargeable Bike Lights
{ ThirdKindLighting/Etsy }

The gift of style and safety in one flashy package.

Cloth Pad Sampler Kit
{ GladRags }

GladRags and Lunapads offer wonderful, handmade reusable menstrual products for the eco conscious bleeder in your life.

Imaginary Borders
{ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Ashley Lukashevsky }

Get into this poignant personal essay from Xiuhtezcatl Martinez about climate change beautifully illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky.

Zero Waste Kit
{ BattleGreenBox }

While this zero waste kit by Battle Green covers a lot of bases and is very nice, to really impress your youth eco-activist, you should create your own zero waste kit from all secondhand items!

2020 Justseeds/Eberhardt Press Organizer
{ JustSeeds Collaboration }

I am obsessed with this project! Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 29 artists committed to social, environmental, and political engagement. They make beautiful printed materials (prints, journals, posters, books, apparel, planners, stickers, etc.) with strong environmental, social, and racial-justice messaging.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference
{ Greta Thunberg }

Give the gift of passion and inspiration from Sweden’s own Greta Thunberg. 

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