Bitch In A Box: Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

There’s nothing dreadful about owning a plant. In fact, plants can make your spaces a bit more personal and lively. Plus, many plants don’t require a ton of maintenance, so this holiday season, use this gift guide to inject some still life into your busy life.

1. Start with a low-maintenance plant

stock photo of a spider plant

stock photo of a spider plant (Photo credit: Almanac)

A spider plant is the perfect plant to begin with because they’re some of the easiest to care for. So, if you or your friends are busy with school or work, a spider plant is a great gift to give or receive. They require a minimal amount of maintenance and they also help keep the air clean!

(Pretty In Green Plants, $12)

2. Invest in the right watering can

stock photo of watering can

stock photo of watering can (Photo credit: Target)

I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I need to buy a watering can when I can just use a cup?” A cup would work, but a watering can will help you fill-up for all your plants at once. So, if you are starting with a few indoor plants, be sure to get a can that will efficiently water your plants. If you have outdoors plants, you will have to use a different watering can.

(Target, $14.99)

3. Up your game with a succulent plant

assorted succulent plants

assorted succulent plants (Photo credit: World Market)

There is a wide variety of succulents to choose from, and they will definitely brighten up your home or workspace. Hens and chicks, jade, christmas cactus, and aloe vera are just some of the succulents you can choose from. I really enjoy succulents because their thick leaves help them retain water, which is super helpful if I forget to water them. Phew!

(World Market, $22.99 - $44.99)

4. If you’re running low on time, get an air plant

stock photo of an airplant

stock photo of an airplant (Photo credit: 1800 Flowers)

If you are trying to figure out a last-minute gift, look no further than an air plant. Air plants are easy to wrap and don’t require a lot of upkeep. They can also be hung, or just set on a desk at home or work.


(1800 Flowers, $19.99)

5. Plant-inspired accessories are always worthy gifts

Hemleva rosemary enamel pin

Hemleva rosemary enamel pin (Photo credit: Hemleva)

Speaking of air plants, check out Hemleva for cute plant-inspired enamel pins. One of my favorites is the rosemary pin.

(Hemleva, $8 - $50)


6. Plant pots are a simple, but necessary, gift

H&M plant pot

plant pot (Photo credit: H&M)

At some point, it will be a good idea to transfer your plant from the container it came in.

(H&M, $9.99)


7. Saucers aren’t as boring as they seem

plant saucers

plant saucers (Photo credit: Patio Bloom)

This might seem like a boring purchase, but it is one that your future self will thank you for. I’ve had my share of over-watering a plant and forgetting to put a saucer underneath it. Don’t end up with a puddle; save your furniture by getting a saucer.

(Patio Bloom, $17.98)

8. The Balcony Gardener will make planting in an apartment more pleasant

The Balcony Gardener book cover

The Balcony Gardener book cover

Author Isabelle Palmer has put together a book to help make your apartment lifestyle more plant-friendly. If you are living in the city and you might not have a ton of natural lighting, this book is for you. Palmer has put together a book to guide you with making your home feel cozy and stylish. This will make a great gift for the plant enthusiast dwelling in the city.

(Powell’s, $13.50)

9. Fake plants are worth gifting too!

stock photo of plants

stock photo of plants (Photo credit: Amazon)


Okay, so this is not exactly a living plant, but we all have to start somewhere. If you want to get a plant, but are just a bit weary of caring for one right away, then get yourself a poster of a plant. It’s super cute, and you don’t have to worry about watering it.

(Amazon, $65.99)

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