The Bitch Media Fellowships for Writers

Bitch Media—an independent, nonprofit feminist media organization now in its 24th year—is pleased to offer the Bitch Media Fellowships for Writers, a series of three-month intensive writing fellowships whose goal is to develop, support, and amplify emerging, diverse voices in feminist, activist, and pop-culture media. The program is directed by Bitch cofounder Andi Zeisler.

Bitch Media’s mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful response to mainstream media and pop culture. We strive to be a fresh, revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, one that welcomes complex arguments and refuses to ignore the contradictory and often uncomfortable realities of life in an unequivocally gendered world. We publish the award-winning quarterly magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture; we also feature daily online articles, interviews, opinions, and weekly podcasts at; and send speakers and workshop leaders to colleges and universities around the world through our Bitch on Campus program.

While the application process is now closed, we want to thank everyone who applied for the 2021 writing fellowships. Applications for the 2022 fellowships will open in summer of 2021.

You can find a list of our past fellows here.
Have questions? Read our Fellowship FAQ’s here.

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