BitchTapes: Baaaad Bitch Anthems for Self-Love

What makes a baaaad bitch? Baaaad Bitches own their work, bodies, and their music. These artists range from up-and-coming to legendary women of color who speak on their experiences. Some are reclaiming their power through independence and others through self-love. Others are giving other women props through their trap lyrics. The genres range from neo-soul, to trap, to reggaeton. This playlist goes out to all my baaaadies brushing them haters off and being the best version of themselves on the daily!

Baaaaad Bitch Mixtape: Anthems for Self Love from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.



  1. Kali Uchis- Know What I Want
  2. Erykah Badu- Phone Down
  3. MIA- Bad Girls
  4. Ivy Queen - Pa la Cama Voy
  5. Tokyo Vanity- That’s My Best Friend 
  6. Karol Conka- Tombei
  7. El Tigeraso- Maluca
  8. Hardcore Girls- Rye Rye
  9. Rihanna - BBHMM
  10. Sasha Go Hard ft. Cheetah H- PLB
by Jessica Natalia
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