BitchTapes: Black Alternative

Alabama Shakes lead singer and guitarist Brittany Howard brought down the house at the Grammys, then went on to win the award for Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Alternative Album. Inspired by their win and by Black History Month, I put together this mixtape of artists who have embodied an edgy spin on what represents Black music.

Black Alternative from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Track List: 

“Dontcha” - The Internet 

“Everyone Nose “- N.E.R.D.

“Electric Lady” - Janelle Monae  feat. Solange 

“Bag Lady” - Erykah Badu 

“Two Weeks” - FKA Twigs 

“Slave to the Rhythm” - Grace Jones 

“I'm Sorry We Lied” - Blood Orange 

“Shove It” - Santigold

“Caught Out There” - Kelis 

“Don't Want To Fight” - Alabama Shakes 

by Brittny Pierre
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