BitchTapes: Buggin' Out

Love them or fear them (or both), insects are indisputably fascinating—from the matriarchal bees to the melodious crickets and all the creepers, crawlers and flyers in between. Here's a hive full of honey-sweet music that will keep you humming and buzzing along this spring.

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Track List:

“Grasshopper Clock” - The Corner Laughers

“Madonna of the Wasps” - Neko Case

“Butterfly Child” - Sophie Madeleine

“The Commune” - Artichoke

“Moths” - Fiona Bevan

“Leisure Bees” - Tacocat

“Waterbugs and Beetles” - Anton Barbeau

“The Moth” - Aimee Mann

“Bee Charmer [featuring Cyndi Lauper]” - Nelly McKay

“Insect Mother” - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians

“Ladybug” - Frances England

“Humble Bee” - John Wesley Harding

“Bees” - Laura Cantrell 

Karla Kane
by Karla Kane
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Karla Kane is an arts writer, editor and singer/songwriter/musician. Bitch Media called her music "as informative as it is sunny and fun." She lives in California with her daughter, husband, cats, and chinchillas 

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buggin' out

also, Don Dixon, "praying mantis"

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