BitchTapes: Fall For You

Don’t let ‘em fool ya, September is the best summer month. Not only does that golden light somehow make you reflect over the past few months, but it also feels like a new, warm start to something better to come. Let these tracks lull you into a post-ish-summer daze as you take care of yourself.

Fall For You from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

1. Looking For Knives - DYAN
2. Sea Creatures - SOAK
3. How - Daughter 
4. So Here We Are - Gordi 
5. The Thaw - Woodes 
6. Heart Shaped Face - Angel Olsen 
7. So Below - Luna 
8. No Way Out (redux) - Warpaint
9. Life Is Perfect - Modern Huge 
10. Some Are Lakes - Land of Talk 
by Maggie Owsley
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