BitchTapes: Female-Fronted Emo Bands

This mix was curated by Laken Wright of the band Blowout, whose new album No Beer, No Dad comes out today! 

She writes: “Your female-fronted, Emo/Pop Punk playlist is ready for summer. Lay a blanket over the brown grass in your backyard and get in touch with sweet lingering feelings of loves lost, bones broken, and evenings braved.”

Female-Fronted Emo and Pop Punk! from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Track list: 

Glass Ceiling - Upset 

Stars Were Exploding - Good Luck

Dust in the Gold Sack - Swearin’ 

Indoor Soccer - Speedy Ortiz

In the Bed - SOAR

Shot in the Dark - Joyride 

Hundred Dollar Bill - Peach Kelli Pop

Trying - Bully

I Want You - Alien Boy

Pants - Lemuria 

Every Week - Try the Pie

Party Trap - Tacocat

No Good Al Joad - Hop Along

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