BitchTapes: Holidaze Come-down

It’s the first full-moon of the new year, and maybe you’re still nursing that holiday burn-out. Full-moon feels combined with these sweet, somewhat dark, mysterious voices will help you settle in; get back to you. Stay in the now, and ease into the new year gently.

Track List:

1. Moon on the Bath - Japanese Breakfast 

2. Headache - Grouper 

3. Heaven Bent - Lady Lamb 

4. Blood Bank (Bon Iver Cover) - Holly Miranda 

5. Drawning Down the Moon - Swanning 

6. Female Vampire - Jenny Hval 

7. Astral Plane - Valerie June 

8. Capricorn - Lapcat 

9. In the Morning, I’ll Be Better - Tennis 

10. Out of Control - Zoya

11. We’ve Never Met but Can We Have a Coffee or Something - In Love With A Ghost 

by Maggie Owsley
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I'm just like Sean Penn except not at all. SF, CA

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