BitchTapes: New Year, Still You

Here you go, into the first week of 2016! It might be the worst. It might be the best. Maybe you'll hit that yoga class every damn day! But chances are you are still you and you are still working on being the best version of you—and that doesn't happen over night. Have fun, be kind to yourself, and listen to some good tracks.

New Year, Still You from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Makeba - Jain
Titled - Christine and the Queens 
Midnight Moon - Oh Wonder 
London - Grace Acladna 
Jungle - Emma Louise 
With Her - Banoffee
Coffee - Sylvan Esso 
What I think I know - Diamond Thug 
Forgiveness - Made In Heights 
Slow - Jay Som 
by Maggie Owsley
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I'm just like Sean Penn except not at all. SF, CA

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