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This article was published in Pleasure Issue #81 | Winter 2019

L.A.–based singer and songwriter Loyal Lobos, a.k.a Andrea Silva, crafts raw alt-folk songs that break convention. Silva mines personal experience, the melodrama of Colombian telenovelas, and growing up singing at funerals from a young age to create music imbued with a hazy melancholy that explores love, sensuality, and femininity. After experiencing misogyny and slut-shaming firsthand (as many women do), Silva embraces her vulnerability, sexuality, and strength. It is her mission to deliver that feeling of freedom to other people—especially women. This playlist is about pleasure in its many shapes: sex, joy, gratefulness, and the power of emotions.

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Track List:

1. Florentino and Bad Gyal, “Por Ti”

“Por Ti” is such a sexy song, and the sonic landscape is so emotional for me. I grew up listening to reggaeton, and there’s no bigger pleasure than that. I love the new wave of female reggaeton artists because it flips the script and the lyrics lose their misogyny.

2. Samantha Sang, “Emotion”

I discovered this song while looking for videos for inspiration, and it’s now one of my favorites. It just immediately puts me in a good mood. You must watch the video for this song.

3. Connie Converse, “How Sad, How Lovely”

It’s so important to see the beauty in nostalgia and celebrate that feeling. The tone and scenery of “How Sad, How Lovely” pains me so much, and I kinda really love it.

4. Paul McCartney, “Waterfalls”

“Waterfalls” is one of my favorite songs. It’s like your cool, wise dad is giving you life advice while also showing how he can be fragile too. Paul, please adopt me. (Just kidding, my dad is the shit.)

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5. Soda Stereo, “Entre Canibales”

Soda Stereo is an iconic South American rock band, and I grew up listening to them. This song is about lust and being fragile and sad at the same time. I’ve always loved Cerati’s way of delivering lyrics.

6. Buena Vista Social Club, “Dos Gardenias”

“Dos Gardenias” makes me want to dance like my great-grandma used to at small-town parties. And that is one of the biggest pleasures of life, trust me.

7. Kanye West, “Bound 2”

This song is about desire, love, and the beginning of a romance. Kanye has such a refreshing way of communicating ideas. His songs are like a movie plot, and he makes you feel as though you’re a part of that movie. There’s a beginning, middle, and end, and despite any conflict or challenge, the ending gives you that bit of hope.

8. Violeta Parra, “Gracias a la Vida” 

My mom would sing “Gracias a la Vida” to me a lot. It’s about being grateful for every moment. This song is so wise and bad-ass.

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by Andrea Silva
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Andrea Silva hails from Bogotá, Colombia, where she roamed freely with horses and collected star dust in mason jars she fashioned out of glass from vacant shores.