BitchTapes: Rad Women from North/West Africa

At last year’s SXSW I was pretty lucky to catch some amazing acts from outside of the U.S., including a performance by Mauritanian musician Noura Mint Seymali, who is probably one of the best singers in the entire freakin’ world right now. Ever since then, I’ve been nothing short of obsessed with music from in and around the Saharan Desert. While quick Google searches for music from the region will give you plenty of virtuosic male guitarists, there are, of course, tons of rad women making killer music there too. This list is by no means exhaustive, but has been a great starting place for my own introduction to the music of the Maghreb and the Sahel.

Track List: 

1. Arbina - Noura Mint Seymali

2. Najat aatabou - Hadi Kebda Bayna

3. Dja Cheickna - Khaira Arby

4. Calles de Dajla - Aziza Brahim

5. Achibaba - Fatouh Seidi Ghali, Alamnou Akrouni

6. Al Jahalat - Tartit

7. Children’s Song - Fadimata “Disco” Wallet Oumar

8. Takamba - Aminata Wassidjé Traoré

9. Ilé - Rokia Traoré

10. Mo’jabah - Mona Amarsha

11. Tinde Final Tinariwen - Tinariwen, Lalla Badi

12. Tamiditin - Tamikrest

by Sarah Ventre
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This playlist is amazing!

This playlist is amazing! Thanks!

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