BitchTapes: Sad 'n Sappy

 This is a collection of sad, and somewhat sappy, bedroom pop. Gather up some tissues and bring on the tears!

sad n' sappy from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Track List: 

1. Sincerely Yours, later - Adult Mom

2. Knives in My Throat - Frankie Cosmos

3. True Love - Angelic Milk

4. Salty Slush - Baby Mullosk

5. Purposefully Foolish - free cake for every creature

6. First Snow - Lisa Prank

7. What the Heck - i tried to run away when i was 6

8. I Admit I'm Scared - eskimeaux

9. Stalemate - WHATEVER, DAD

by Emma May
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Emma May is a former Bitch intern and junior at Barnard College studying Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. They like pop punk, zines and comics.

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