BitchTapes: Self-Produced QTPOC Musicians

This story was originally published on August 26, 2016.

This summer, performers are pitching in to stage a protest show against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. After holding events in Seattle and Portland, the next Rock Agains the TPP show is September 9 in San Francisco. 

One of the musicians taking part is multi-instrumentalist Sean Desiree, a.k.a. Bell’s Roar, who put together this mixtape for us of queer and trans performers of color. They write: “This mixtape is another reminder that producers beyond cis straight men exist. All except for one track by Amani O+ was arranged by the artists. In early 2017 I will be launching a tour called Art Funds Art, which will give a grant to a queer or trans artist of color in each city. Support the tour by purchasing a t-shirt at ArtFundsArtTour.”

Track List: 
1. Alisa Sikelianos-Carter - “When Things Fall Apart”
2. bell’s roar - “Slow (Remix)”
3. Modern Huge - “Nothing Left to Love”
4. Fran Straube - “Rubio”
5. Taylor ALXNDR - “Heatwave”
6. Prince Harvey - “Sometimes”
7. Anjimile - “Maker”
8. Amani O+ Poet - “Love Notes To Self 2 (Can’t Use My Phone Erykah Badu Cover)”
9. Moor Mother - “Georgia + Mass”
by Sean Desiree
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Sean Desiree is the multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist behind the solo project, bell's roar. In June 2015 bell’s roar signed to Firebrand Records, the new label from Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. They are also a furniture maker at

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