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Many moons ago we published Bitchtapes: Sister Making Music Together, one of more than 200 Bitch-made mixtapes curated for your discerning ears. But since then, a number of other talented sister acts have come across our radar, so we decided to add an addendum to that mix. Here we move from rock and alternative to Americana and folk on to electronic and experimental artists, many of whom will release their EPs or albums with this selected songs later this year. Check out 13 sister acts below (and one brother).


Sister Acts from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Track list:

  1. “Demons” – Summer Twins
  2. “The Wire” – HAIM
  3. “Getaway” – The Chapin Sisters
  4. “Wind” – Joseph
  5.  “Next To Me” – The Von Trapps
  6.  “Steady” – The Staves
  7.  “Shake” – The Shook Twins
  8. “Oh Take Me Back” – The Haden Triplets
  9. “I Can’t Go On This Way” – The Quebe Sisters
  10. “Unbridled” – Chasing Lovely
  11. “Forever” – Nina Sky
  12.  “That Ain’t Me” – The New Tarot
  13. “Heartache City” – CocoRosie
by Hilary Saunders
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