BitchTapes: Songs for Babes

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It’s fall, which means #OMGsomanypeoplearehavingbabies. In struggling to find the right way to welcome the offspring of some rad friends into the world, I realized that maybe the best gift you can give (both to parents and the little peanuts), is a great mixtape. One that has songs that set the right tone for a precious new life, and are also actually great songs with real words that don’t drive parents crazy. Some tracks are modern lullabies, while others make for a great post-nap dance party. Whatever the mood, here’s a new baby mixtape that even grown folks can get behind.

Songs for Babes from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


1. Baby Love – The Supremes

2. Kimberly – Patti Smith

3. Sticking with You – Velvet Underground

4. Reflecting Light – Sam Phillips

5. I Get Nervous – Lower Dens

6. Feeling Good  – Nina Simone

7. Be My Baby – The Ronettes

8. Soy Yo – Bomba Estereo

9. Dougou Badia – Amadou & Mariam feat. Santigold

10. Love on Top – Beyoncé

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