BitchTapes: Songs for Self-Love

Yeah, yeah “love yourself” is so hot these days. But for good reason! Loving yourself first IS a radical act. Especially in this society. Self-love will radically improve your life. This mix encourages you to turn those love songs back on yourself and live your life like it's golden.

Golden (Kaytranada's Life Living Edition) - Jill Scott

Dontcha - The Internet 

since u asked - swim goog x Merival 

Light (ft. Little Dragon) - Odesza

Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover) - Renee Dominque 

Under - Aosoon

River - Ibeyi 

Lonely Cities - Tigertown

Brainwash - Cillie Barnes 

Killer - Phoebe Bridgers Y
by Maggie Owsley
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